Despite its diminutive size, Israel boasts of its diverse and highly unique nature, from the desert in the south to the mountains and forests in the north. And somewhere in the middle: reservoirs, rivers, stalactite caves, and, of course, the Sea of ​​Galilee. we offer you a list of our favorite places in Israel to visit with an Israeli driver.


Surely, every Israeli has his own list of favorite places to travel around his native country, and you can endlessly argue in what order to arrange them in it, for tourists visiting Israeli for the first time the list of the 10 places with amazing nature in Israel will be a perfect start to explore our country. we present to you the list of 10 of our favorite places in the order of their influence on or aesthetic pleasure (in descending order). At the end of the article, you will find a map that marks all the places we have listed.





private driver in israel to the red canyon


For those who have never been to the Grand Canyon of the United States, and perhaps that is why the Israeli 300-meter "canyon" is the perfect Israeli alternative site. curved mountains and breathtaking colors along the walking path is like walking on Mars.  The Red Canyon is a 20-minute drive from Eilat and approximately 4 hours from Tel Aviv, and a great site to visit if you heading south to Eilat.

You can go around the entire Red Canyon in 30-45 minutes (back and forth - round trip). The route is quite simple: several times you will need to climb and descend a couple of meters along with stable metal ladders, the rest is easy walking on the plane case you have seniors in your group, the route of the Red Canyon may be a little difficult to walk, for kids and hikers it's heaven.

The best time to visit the Red Canyon is during the cool winter months (weekends and holidays may be crowded). But make sure to check that there is no rain on the day of your trip - these areas are often flooded and closed to the public.

Driving time from Tel Aviv: 4 hours




private driver to the dead sea


The Dead Sea itself is one of Israel's top attractions. Many people come here specifically for their healing purposes. But this place captures everyone with a spectacle that you had never seen before - a path of salt going into the sea.

We found this "salt road" 15 minutes walk from the "Ein Bokek" beach (probably the most beautiful beach on the Dead Sea and completely free). It looks like a road covered with snow and going into the warm sea. Its appearance evokes completely surreal sensations that will most likely remain in your memory forever.

If you have Instagram you surely saw people standing on white islands, this is the exact place, the white islands of the Dead Sea are made from pure and clean salt, choose your private island and begin your photo session! don't forget to float at the Dead Sea with an updated newspaper.


Driving time from Tel Aviv: 2.5 hours





touring mitzpe ramon


You cannot visit Israel and not see the desert. To feel its influence, one must stay here for at least a few hours, preferably in silence. Walking in the desert is like meditation: at first, you are bored, because you start to listen to yourself, your feelings, and, perhaps, somewhere closer to sunset, when the sand turns from yellow to gold, and the heat changes to light coolness, you will learn something about yourself - something new.

There is no more magical place in Israel than Mitzpe Ramon in the Negev Desert. "Mitzpe" in Hebrew means "lookout". From here, a truly mesmerizing view opens up, especially at sunset. We recommend you to visit Mitzpe Ramon with a driver! come here for the day and climb Mount Ardon, take a jeep tour in the Ramon Crater to learn about the flare and fauna, dedicate an hour to the Ramon visitors center and find out everything about the Israeli space program and don't forget to visit the Antilope farm.

Please note that the weather during the day is very warm but during the night the weather is very cold, take warm clothes and comfortable walking shoes.


 Driving time from Tel Aviv: 2 hours




tour meshushim pool with a driver


Another fantastic place in Israel to visit with a driver. Lake Meshushim or the Hexagon pool is located in the reserve of the same name. To get to it, you need to go down a fairly simple and comfortable path (about 20 minutes).

You can swim in the lake, but keep in mind that even in summer the water is quite cool. Of course, swimming in a natural pool in itself can be a unique experience worth coming here for, but there are many similar places in Israel, so why we love Meshushim pool?

Because of its completely Scandinavian-looking basalt walls. you won't see another lake with such a unique environment in Israel. These walls are more like Iceland than hot Israel, which makes this place so special for us.


Driving time from Tel Aviv: 2.5 hours




tour mount arbel with a private driver in israel


So we left the mesmerizing desert and moved up to the most flourishing region of Israel - the Golan Mountains, or Galilee, the homeland of Israel's finest wine. And there is no better view of the Kinneret (Sea of ​​Galilee) and the Golan than from Mount Arbel's observation point.

Reaching the top of the Arbel mount with our driver you can take an hour and a half and hike around the mountain along a marked and uncomplicated path. the location is one of the highest points to observe Galilee and take amazing photos. If you go up to the top of the Arbel mountain you can visit the remains from the fortress of the Crusaders and an ancient Jewish synagogue dated back to the fifth century.


The area is open, there is only one place to hide from the sun, so it is better to come here not in hot weather - in late autumn or spring.


Entrance fees: 20 NIS per person.


Driving time from Tel Aviv: 2 hours





tour gamla national park in israel


Another wonderful park, where you can visit the remains of the Jewish city of Gamla, built during the Roman period in the Galilee area, and see the highest waterfall in Israel! floating water all year long and the biggest number of vouchers flying above the mountain.

It is very recommended to stop in Moshav Ramot in one of the local Israeli restaurants for lunch.


Driving time from Tel Aviv: 2 hours





driver in israel to mount tabor


Who doesn't love mountains and good wine? You can enjoy both on the "Tavor" mountain. At its top stands a magnificent basilica with stunning views of Galilee constructed by the notorious architect Antonio Berluzzi, dedicated to the transfiguration miracle of Jesus. And at the bottom of Mount Tavor, there is a winery, also called Tavor, one of the finest and our favorite Israeli wines is produced.

It is definitely a recommended location to visit with a driver in Israel, the breathtaking view over Nazareth and Galilee, the soft climate, and the holy atmosphere. 


Driving time from Tel Aviv: 1.5 hours





habonim beach in israel


In our opinion, the most beautiful beach in Israel. Perhaps this is somehow connected with the fact that the entrance to its territory is paid, as a result of which there are fewer people here than on public beaches, more space and opportunities to create your own intimate corner among the stones or on some small cliff.


Driving time from Tel Aviv: 1 hour






Just 30 minutes driving from Jerusalem is the Sorek stalactite caves. This is the richest cave in stalactites and stalagmites in Israel. Some of them are more than 500 thousand years old. Some stalactites even reach 5.5 meters in height. The entrance to the cave is only in a small group with a local Israeli guide working in Sorek, consider booking the tours in advance since the tickets are running out very fast.

Around the Sorek nature reserve, you can find plenty of hiking trails and picnic tables, the best hiking park is Canada park with an ancient oil press, water reservoirs, and caves, perfect to visit all year long.


Driving time from Tel Aviv: 0.5 hours





visit ein gedi with a private driver in israel


Ein Gedi is a beautiful nature reserve with an easy route and a natural pool with a waterfall waiting for you at the end. It is located near the Dead Sea, and very easy to reach with a private driver in Israel. On the ascent, you will encounter metal steps and railings, and there are plenty of shady parking spots and streams to take a break from the heat.

The animals in the Ein Gedi nature reserve are the Ibex and the Hirex, very friendly and cute! keep in mind that feeding the animals is forbidden.

By the way, if you decide to stay near the Dead Sea, we can recommend two options: camping (budget and fun) and the Ein Gedi hotel (pleasant, but not cheap).


Driving time from Tel Aviv: 2.5 hours





Our concentrated list of the 10 best places to visit in Israel was made for your variety, we love Israel and be very delighted to provide you our private driver in Israel services to take you to the best and memorable locations. give us a call and let's travel to Israel in 2021!