35 Facts About Israel That Haven't Been Talked About Yet 2021



35 Facts About Israel 


35 facts about Israel



The State of Israel is the only country in the world located on the same lands with the same name and using the same language as it was at the time of its formation 3000 years ago.


1. The number of Israelis is exactly half as much as the New York subway transports in a day.


2. Israel is a country in which the level of life expectancy is one of the highest. On average, Israelis live 82 years.


3. In terms of the level of education of the labor force, the state is second only to the United States and the Netherlands. 24% of employees have a higher education, and 12% have an academic degree.


4. Israeli women are required to serve in the armed forces. this practice exists only in North Korea.


5. Israel is a coastal country with 273 km of coastline and 137 officially registered beaches.


6. To preserve the health of people on the beaches in Israel, a jellyfish repeller has been developed.


7. The lowest publicly accessible place on earth is the coast of the Dead Sea, called Yam-Ha-Melah, which in translation sounds like the Salt Sea.


8. Israel is the world leader in the number of cats and dogs per capita. With a population of 9.5million, the number of cats is approaching 2 million, and the number of dogs is more than 0.5 million.


9. On Saturday, almost all Israelis gather in parks or go out into the countryside to have a picnic.


10. In Israel, there is one day a year when, apart from special services, no one else works. Even cars stop driving on the roads of the country. This is Yom Kippur.


11. For the Israelites, children are sacred. They even have invented their holiday - Pajamas Day. On this day, all kids can walk around the city in slippers and pajamas and even attend educational institutions in this form.


12. It is strictly forbidden to use physical force against children in Israel. For this, adults are threatened with unpleasant proceedings with all kinds of services that protect the rights of minors. Parents prefer not to punish their children. They patiently wait for the end of the hysteria, and then deal with the child's problem.


13. A common event in the country is a picture: a man with a baby carriage walking his dog.


14. In the Promised Land, it is customary to greet each other with the phrase "How are you?" The answer is a similar question. But it does not require a specific answer, because it is just a form of decency.


15. In Israel, they managed to grow the fruit of bell pepper weighing half a kilogram. This happened in 2013, which became the reason for the case to be entered in the Guinness Book of Records.


16. There are over a hundred sushi restaurants in Tel Aviv. In terms of the number of these establishments per capita, this metropolis is second only to Tokyo and New York.


17. Surprisingly, there is no VAT in the price tags in Eilat, so the goods here are cheaper than in the rest of Israel.


18. Israel produces more types of soft, spreadable white cheeses than any other country in the world.


19. All conversations between Israelis are accompanied by very emotional gestures. This often happens even when a person is driving a car or motorcycle.


20. Albert Einstein (1952) was offered to become the president of Israel but was refused by the great physicist committee.


21. In Israel, you can buy quite tolerable household appliances or furniture, just by walking along the city streets. Very often, citizens get rid of old furniture or appliances, simply exposing it to the street, or passing it free through classified sites.


22. Israeli homes do not have central heating, so in winter all their inhabitants are insulated as much as possible, and when going to bed, put on socks and robes and cover themselves with electric blankets.


23. Often in the lease agreements for apartments, which is especially typical for Jerusalem, a strange condition is included: in the event of the coming of the Messiah, the lease agreement shall be considered invalid.


24. Another fact inherent only to Jews. Shabbat-observant Israelis save on car insurance by not including the Sabbath.


25. No servicemen have died from the coronavirus COVID-19 in Israel.


26. Israelis can apply for a driving license at 16.


27. The cars in Israel taxed 118%-130% depending on the import location.


28. Booking transportation and tours in Israel for tourists is tax-free.


30. Israel has more than 14 different climate zones, starting from a warm and humid climate to the coldest with snow.


31. Israel has developed a Covid-19 cure called Regeneron.


32. Crossing Israel from north to south or east to west is possible in one day, the distance is 480km and 129km.


33. Being Jewish gives you the right to receive citizenship and a passport in Israel automatically.


34. Israel is the only place in the world with Biblical attractions.


35. The Churches in Israel are not supervised by the government.




Bonus: Israeli schoolchildren are so united that they are always ready to support anyone. In May 2020, one schoolgirl was not allowed into class due to short shorts, even though it was 40 degrees outside. The next day, across the country, hundreds of boys and girls came to school in short shorts, everyone was allowed in, otherwise, they would have to cancel classes in schools.


After all these amazing facts about Israel, don't you want to see our amazing country?