5 places to escape during COVID 19 in Israel

2020 brought us so many challenges and this is probably the most not ordinary year in the past 100 years, COVID-19 is definitely a game-changer in the travel and tourism industry and many companies are facing the most difficult stage, In their life, otto transportation services in Israel made one step forward towards the new era of traveling by an individual service and private car with driver service in Israel providing the most intimate, personal and safe service today.

This article’s all about the new era of traveling and our recommendations for people who love to travel and cannot wait anymore until everything will get back to normal again.

1. Sea of Galilee




While the holidays abroad are away we began providing our services to the local Israelis, A great option is using our car with a driver in Israel Service and escape to the north region of Israel, Galilee is a very open region providing peace of mind and open territories, the most isolated option is renting a summer home in one of the villages around the amazing lake of Galilee with your family or friends And enjoying the peace of mind with no people around.
Having your groceries delivered by our driver is making the task even easier that way you don’t need to blend in big supermarkets with other people during these difficult times, enjoy the great weather and take a swim in the marvelous lake without The typical summer crowd and stay safe.


2. The Desert






thought it may seem like The end of the world, the desert in Israel is actually providing a modern lifestyle with all needed facilities! Hiring our Driver in Israel Will open a new dimension for you and your family by traveling to very exciting places, there are many hotels in the desert providing the full package of services without moving your fingers So all you need to do is to hire the right company to deliver you to the right place, We also have our concierge service which will be more than happy to provide you our best recommendations of isolated locations the visit safely in the desert.


3. Tel Aviv





Would you like to enjoy a premium-class hotel at the price of a two-star hotel and also enjoying exciting sites and modern technologies in the center of the country?
Tel Aviv will definitely these days is in the most attractive option since there are no tourists in Israel and the premium hotels are nearly empty, this is the perfect time to enjoy finally your desired hotel at a very cheap price without any people around you, our transportation service in Israel will take you around the city to nearly empty restaurants, empty beaches and different other attractions which will be dedicated only for you and your family.
Enjoy the most interesting art museums and heritage sites and move around the city safely with your private transportation as long as you need it.


4. Eilat




The most popular summer location to visit during the summer, this is the perfect escape for a great isolated vacation, most people using a hotel to relax in Eilat but this year is a different story, the most popular place to stay will be this time a private house or a villa for a safe vacation in the southern capital, use our Driver in Israel service from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv and drive safely towards the south border and enjoy on the way great national parks with waterfalls with no people around before reaching Eilat.


In this amazing city, you will be able to enjoy great beaches almost alone with your family or friends since they will be nearly empty, swim with the fishes and enjoy the cold water with the high temperatures of the air and finally spend a relaxing evening safely with your family at your summer home.
Our driver will be next to you and ready to accomplish all your desired wishes by bringing you everything that you need and taking you around the city without using public transportation or taxis.


5. The Dead Sea




The most isolated place in Israel is probably the Dead Sea area, even during normal times this place is not packed, in this period The area of the Dead Sea is probably the most isolated place to have your vacation without any people around and reaching there won’t be a problem at all since we provide the needed driver in Israel service to any desired destination in Israel, Pack a small bag of clothes and enjoy a small hotel which Will be nearly empty and just waiting for you, enjoy the national parks and acquire some new friends! we mean the animals :) and take a swim in your private sea!
have you ever thought about a swim in a private lake? This is your chance!!!


Drive Israel in style, for two passengers we recommend using our flag vehicle, the Mercedes S class recognized as the world finest luxury sedan, if you plan to travel with your family we recommend using the best minivan in the world with reclining seats and all possible additions, the Mercedes V class, For more budget travel, we also have a good solution since we own medium-class SUVs and this is your chance to travel in style I’m not spending a lot of money

Remember this is a very challenging period but our own duty is to be one stay forward and make sure to provide you the right service even now, we made all the safety measures to ensure you the best service in Israel.




For a truly relaxing holiday in Israel let our drivers in Israel take you to your destination and be at your disposal through your holiday, including a driver who can also be at Tour Guide, If you wish to use our services don’t hesitate to contact our concierge service which is available 24 seven for you and your needs and we will be more than happy customize your trip for perfect relaxation and safe drive,