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Israel is a beautiful country with a mild climate, where many cultures and traditions intersect, and merchants simply could not help but use it. In addition to modern shopping malls and boutiques, Israel has many outdoor markets where you can have fun and a rewarding time. Here are the best markets in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv for every person who loves to shop


1. Market in the port of Tel Aviv


Here you will find fresh and organic fruits - raspberries, quince, figs, pomegranates. You will be surprised by a huge selection of cheeses, a variety of wines, and homemade liqueurs. There you can also buy vegetables, olive oil, bread and honey, mushrooms, fish. And if you get tired, you can admire the sea or relax in a cafe, and there are quite a few of them.


2.Machane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem


This is the most famous market in Israel, which has been conveying the exoticism of the Middle East for about a hundred years. Vendors claim that they have the tastiest products here. In addition to groceries, you can buy spices, souvenirs, and clothing here. There are also private excursions and culinary workshops around the market.


3. Market in the Old City, Jerusalem


If you have know-how and love to bargain, you should look into this market. Some manage to bring down the price even twice. Here you can find unique and antiques, jewelry, watches, handicrafts, souvenirs, and food, of course. The market of the old city provides a unique atmosphere of the middle east where smells and cultures come together.


4.Bezalel Market Jerusalem


Here, on Fridays, craftsmen, artisans, designers, and local Jerusalem artists display their works for sale, the Bezalel market is the open-air museum of the students who graduated from different art institutes and this is their stage to be exposed for the first time to the public.


5. Carmel Market Tel Aviv


This is a huge open-air market also known as Shuk Carmel. The freshest vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat, as well as souvenirs, cosmetics and clothing, carpets and jewelry - all this is in abundance here. Eloquent sellers are willing to give in if you bargain. Especially the prices will delight you in the second half of Friday.

Would you like to try the Israeli famous dishes? bingo! the Carmel market is the perfect place to try the best local foods which the market serves daily! Shakshuka, Falafel, Burika, and many other tasty things.


6. Crafts Market, Tel Aviv


This is the best place in the city, where you can find unique handicrafts, jewelry, knitwear, paper, glass, wood, plaster, and everything that the imagination of the masters is capable of. Nahalat Binyamin Market is open on Tuesday and Friday, extremely busy days when Israelis shop for the Shabat and enjoy their free time in the open air!


7. Levinsky Market Tel Aviv


A brand new open-air market located in the south-central part of Tel Aviv, this is the ultimate location for young people to celebrate the festival of life! bars, cafes, boutique cheap restaurants, and live music will provide you with a great experience on Fridays!


8. Jaffa Flea Market


The flea market, located right next to the Old City of Jaffa, offers a colorful experience, especially for bargain hunters and lovers of antiquities. In this maze of streets, the best access to which is from the intersection of Olei Zion and Jerusalem Boulevards, you can find rows of shops selling a variety of renovated furniture, old pictures, clothes, jewelry, and many other objects. Among the market, shops are some cafes, Israeli and Arab restaurants, and pubs that are recommended to visit.




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