9 Places In Israel To See Works Of Art With Your Family


The challenging period right? It’s time to get out of the house, get into the car with our professional driver, and begin exploring some of the best art and culture in the best museums of Israel. We have selected for you 9 places that are great for your family, small or big kids, and will give you an active, fascinating, and educational experience that is suitable just for these days of heat and social distancing.


Summer is a wonderful time to hike and expand horizons, this year is even more challenging and we are not talking about the heat!. Get your kids' heads out of the smartphones and soak up some culture. Believe us, there are so many great places around Israel and so that you can go on a nice trip with a driver in Israel and enjoy local art with the whole family, we have collected for you 7 selected places to see art. Just put everyone in the car, make sure everything is open within limits (should not be a problem), and go out and spend time on the road without driving and just be concentrated on your family!

Nisco Museum in Ein Hod

The artists' village in the south of Carmel is endlessly full of places to visit, but of all, the one that is best suited for family fun is this amazing museum for music boxes and mechanical music. Nissan Cohen, a resident of Ein Hod, has for decades collected boxes and musical instruments from every corner of the world and he offers tours and even private concerts, which will teach you all about music and culture.


The Children's Museum in Holon

 One of the most fun places for the whole family is a short drive from Tel Aviv, located in Holon. The children's museum offers a variety of activities in different age ranges, including for adults. A major attraction is the Beatles' mysterious magic journey, where you and the children can learn about music legends together. the second attraction is called the Owl, this is good storytelling especially for kids under the age of 4. Also, you will find interactive works of art, which will motivate the whole family to action and present to the younger generation sculptures, paintings, and more. just a few steps nearby there is another great museum, the Israeli design museum so keep it in mind this is great also for adults.

Story Gardens in Holon

In honor of a great and innovative environmental sculpture project in Israel. Nearly 50 public parks across the city are scattered with sculptures inspired by familiar children’s stories and there is no easier way to connect children to the artwork than through the stories they love so much. Embark on a fascinating journey from garden to garden and explore together the works and stories behind them, the best part, you don't have to look out for parking, our driver will bring you and wait for you as long as you need!

Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art in Haifa

Ready for an extraordinary family experience? Get into our minivan with a driver and go up to the top of the Baha'i Gardens in Haifa. There, beside the amazing gardens, a spectacular museum awaits you, which will amaze you through poetry, painting, woodcuts, and many other works of art, one of the richest and oldest cultures in the world - Japanese culture. The more energetic in the family will surely enjoy the collection of swords and the serfs will not be able to take their eyes off the special ink paintings and masks.

Mini Israel 

The fantastic miniature (recently renovated)park was inspired by Madurodam in the Netherlands and presents in its wide area the best places that Israel has to offer such as Jerusalem, Haifa, the dead sea, monuments. Beyond the experience of touring between the miniatures, the whole family will be able to be impressed by the attention to detail. Every site displayed in Mini Israel is a work of art for everything and you can learn from it about the possibilities and difficulties of creating miniatures.

Try to prepare a few riddles for your kids and ask them the questions near every spot, a great game for the family!


Center for Contemporary Art in Arad

here is a family trip that you will not forget. Somewhere on the way to the Dead Sea is the Center for Contemporary Art and its exhibitions will speak exactly to you and the whole family. They are modern, different from a "regular" museum, correspond with reality and make both you and the children think and talk about what you experienced. Next time you are on your way to the Dead Sea, this is the place to stop for great art and cultural experience.


The Tractor Museum


located in Moshav Ein Vered in the heart of Sharon, the tractor museum has the largest tractor collection in the Middle East. The museum has a permanent collection  of about 200 tractors and hundreds of agricultural tools that were used in the Land of Israel
Also, the museum has a display of various collectibles that were used by the Jewish community in the country from the beginning of Zionism to the present day.
The museum has two types of activities. One is the rehabilitation and renovation of tractors, usual groups of students, children, and teenagers but also groups of soldiers who come to learn about agricultural motor history, we can schedule this activity for kids and you.

Hiriya Recycling Park

The place formerly known as the biggest garbage Mountain in the central district has completely changed and become a fascinating complex full of art that will excite the whole family. The works of art you will find in the recycling park are all ... made from the recycling materials of course and suddenly both you and the young people will understand what can be done with materials and products that seem trivial to us daily. The park is a short drive from Tel Aviv and has easy access by car.

Steinhardt Museum of Nature

The National Center for Israeli natural history museum. The museum, which operates within the framework of Tel Aviv University, is the largest and most active center of documentation and science in the fields of biodiversity in Israel. we have more than 5 million items in the museum The collections document the flora and fauna in the region of Israel and the Middle East over thousands of years, as well as the historical and cultural development of the human race.


So there you go! pick the most interesting sites to visit with your kids, take our driver, or use our transfers in Israel and hit the road!