A family vacation during the Tishrei holidays 2021? Five amazing offers in Israel



A family vacation during the Tishrei holidays? Five amazing offers in Israel


family vacation during the Tishrei holidays in Israel



If there is a full and intentionally full month, meaning and positive action - this is the month of Tishrei.

Good and festive days await us between the drops of the daily routine: holidays and fasting, fasts, Saturdays and weekdays, and everyone have a special and happy atmosphere.


Tel Aviv


The beating heart of Israel. If you are looking for an urban family vacation, which includes good food, colorful markets, luxurious malls, and long stretched beaches - Tel Aviv is probably the perfect destination for you. Many of us spend many hours in it but fail to really enjoy all the good it has to offer. The Brown Beach House Hotel is located on Hayarkon Street, just one hundred meters from the sea, and can be the perfect location for your city break. The hotel offers a spa and hot tub, free bike rental services, and a very popular bar among locals and guests. Start the morning with a sumptuous breakfast at the hotel, rent bicycles for city walks, swim at the city beaches, and soak up the spectacular sunset views from the beach.


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If you are actually interested in a quiet urban vacation full of historical sites and urban tours, you may find the answer in the Holy City, Jerusalem. The city is full of spectacular tourist sites: the Western Wall, botanical gardens, the Tower of David Museum, shopping centers, mosques, and churches. Here, too, you can enjoy the urban food scene and dine at the restaurants, bars, and food markets the city has to offer. One of the city hotels that you are still likely to find available soon is the Inbal Hotel, located in the city center, a short walk from the old city and modern entertainment centers. The hotel is perfect for staying with children and is built entirely of traditional Jerusalem stone. In the hotel's refurbished lounge club you will find a huge terrace overlooking the old town - a view not to be missed.


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The holiday atmosphere may actually make you want to escape from all the bustling cities and connect to a relaxing mountain view. Those of you who want a green vacation, which combines nature tourism sites and urban sites, will surely be happy to spend the holidays in the capital of Upper Galilee, the city of Safed. Stay at The Way Inn De Way Inn, a boutique hotel located in the artists' colony of Safed and boasting a sun terrace and views of the Galilee mountains. While staying in Safed, you can choose between city walks in the ancient alleys of the city or the artists' colony, and nature walks around the city in the Upper Galilee mountains, the Meron mountain range, and even in the Sea of ​​Galilee which is a short drive away.


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You will be surprised to find out, but the ultimate belly-back vacation is hidden right in the Sharon area, and there are a few more individual accommodations where rooms may still be available. One of them is the Suites Island - a 30-story tower located in Netanya, which offers a swimming pool and extra-large suites with a wide balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. You will find three restaurants offering Italian dishes, kosher cuisine, and Israeli food. The only place that will make you leave the hotel is the mesmerizing strip of beaches of the Sharon area - all you have to choose is the beach where you want to spend the next day.


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Beer Sheva


Another destination where you have no reason to leave your family villa is Hotel La Pincha - Luxury Suites located in Beer Sheva. This is the ultimate place for a secluded and relaxing family vacation with a pool, a garden with dedicated picnic areas, spa and wellness facilities, and sun terraces with a view of the courtyard, garden, or city. In addition, the hotel offers family rooms and open-air areas, making it a favorite destination among families with children. If you still want to take a short tour of the city, you can enjoy a variety of restaurants and bars surrounding the hotel.


Zichron Yaakov


In recent years, Zichron Yaacov has gained momentum as pampering and relaxing vacation destination for young couples. Hotel Zamarin, located in the heart of the city near the pedestrian zone, provides proof that the city is also suitable for a family vacation and fun with children. The hotel, where there is still a chance to find several free nights ahead of the holidays, offers a variety of activities for children: an outdoor pool, free bike rental services, a garden, and outdoor spaces and even babysitting services. While staying in Zichron Yaacov you can enjoy walking tours, bicycle tours, winery tours, horseback riding, and tutorials on the local culture.


Signs, blessings, and customs - find meaning in the Tishrei holidays


Rosh Hashanah - is the opening shot for the month of holidays and is the day when, according to Jewish tradition, man is examined for his deeds, with great hope for their correction in the year to come.

Between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, there are ten days of repentance - those days dedicated to inner contemplation and asking for forgiveness.
Yom Kippur is a unique day. Shabbat is dedicated to fasting, introspection, prayer, or a meeting of friends - each according to his perception and desire.


Sukkot - is the sign of national well-being after Yom Kippur, and is a holiday that is all pure joy, great and delightful:
The joy in the family, the joy in nature, the joy we find in the simple things of life - sitting together, the delicious meals, going for walks, and looking at the starry sky, through the thatch.


And finally, comes Simchat Torah - the dessert and the last shot of energy for the long months of routine.


Each of the good days has its own purpose and purpose, with a variety of customs and signs that set it apart.

Here, we have chosen to focus on Rosh Hashanah full of optimism, joy, and an abundance of customs, signs, and intentions, which surprisingly focus on foods.

The Rosh Hashanah Seder is a traditional and delicious opening to the holiday meal. It is a kind of desire for an inner boot, with a long line of "edible blessings" - special signs that have deep meaning when most of them are from the plant. Everyone has a reason, purpose, and blessing for prosperity, preservation, and success.

Let's understand what each one means.


Apple with Honey


On the mainstream of the holiday and the famous in its signs are welcomed "May a good and sweet year renew upon us."

But why an apple, and not another fruit?

The apple tree is one of the most productive trees, with a larger amount of fruit relative to the leaves.
Thus, we also wish ourselves a full, saturated, and abundant year of fruitful doing.

And the honey? Well, it's easy. The honey is sweet, which is exactly what we wish for ourselves this year, but beyond that, the honey comes from the bee, and the bee has a sting. Honey symbolizes to us that even if a sting and challenges are found this year, we will know how to derive resilience and sweetness from it.


Tamar - Dates


The delicious date, whether you choose the juicy major or moist dates, is intended to sweeten and decorate the holiday table and greet "our orphans, our enemies and our seekers of the wicked".




The icon of Rosh Hashanah is one of the most beautiful and majestic fruits, for which we are blessed "that our rights have increased like a pomegranate." Some families "keep" the pomegranate for the eve of New Year's Eve, because according to tradition, it should be greeted with "new fruit."




The fish is a sign of luck and fertility and the head implies the desire to excel, stand out and succeed in everything we do ’, and since the signs are certainly symbolic, figures of fish can be placed on the table.
On the head of the fish (the real and the unreal), one is blessed to "be the head and not the tail."