A Weekend In Haifa | Things To Do In Haifa With A Private Chauffeur

A Combination of Nature and City - Haifa With A Private Driver


A weekend in Haifa's hidden corners between the Carmel neighborhoods, a pool of water in a green wadi,

a promenade with one of the most spectacular views in the country, new boutique hotels, surprising nightlife, and lots of culinary attractions.

A great pastime for the Corona period and beyond to explore Haifa with your private driver In Israel!


haifa with a driver


Recently we have learned how to live alongside the coronavirus and also travel during this challenging time, in most cases when thinking about tourism during this period, the best option is the open areas in the Golan, Negev, or Galilee.

Among all these, some cities raise their heads and offer to combine nature tours and spaces alongside the benefits of concentration of markets and culinary experiences, art and boutique hotels at a high level. We invite you to the capital of the north to check out what it can offer you during this surprising period.


When you come to Haifa the first thing that comes to mind is the Baha'i Gardens and possibly shawarma is one of the city's restaurants.

but if you delve into the city's history and combine it with the amazing sea Haifa is absolutely one of the cities worth visiting and enjoying a fascinating combination of all factors together! We offer to take a professional driver and set off for a wonderful and fascinating day in the northern capital !.


We started at Nahal Lotem at the foot of the "mother garden". Beyond the river and its beautiful surroundings, it also forms a kind of green lung between the buildings of the Carmel Center. Between the municipal zoo and a school in the area hides a nature trail that can take you to the foot of the Carmel coast. The wadi crosses between the buildings on a marked and shaded route and you can enjoy wild currency there.




hike in haifa


These springs are hidden corners between neighborhoods and the Carmel Mountains, they are so hidden that there are almost no people here.

Along the route, you will also see a memorial to the remains of the monastery of St. Brocardos from the 13th century.




Haifa is also famous for its wide Carmel forests but in an attempt to find another slightly less-known natural point, we reached Kishon Park. A huge park is full of trees and seating areas. When you enter a large fountain you will be greeted. This nature corner is great for spending summer Saturdays or even a few hours for a picnic under the trees next to the creek and to the sounds of birds chirping, you will have a hard time believing you are still in town. We were exposed to another interesting discovery on the beach in Shikmona. Apart from the beautiful beach next to the hill next to it there used to be a fishing village where you can see particularly interesting archeological remains. Settled there since the late Bronze Age in the 15th century BC.


Within touching distance of the beach, you can see antiquities that will not embarrass an international museum, including the remains of Persian houses and Greek mosaics from the Hellenistic and Roman periods, all for free and in the open air with the breeze of the sea. Along with the surprise of the rare spectacle, I wondered why such a historic property has no preservation, beyond a torn fence, with the vegetation that emanates from it slowly taking over the ancient mosaic floor.


THE beaches of haifa





We went for a walk in one of the most famous places in the city, Louis Promenade. The promenade, which was built in 1992, has a view of Haifa Bay and the municipal port that you can not remain indifferent to. Here, you can enjoy a combination of architecture and urban nature, and on days without Corona, you can reach the Baha'i Gardens from here - another famous Haifa symbol, but now they are closed for visits. On a personal note, it felt a bit unfortunate to see that the few restaurants along the promenade are closed and there is not really a supply of cafes or basically any grocery store of any kind that could fit in nicely sitting in front of the view alongside entertainment that includes food and drink. Potential wasted with amazing views.




Not far away, you can also visit another pastoral green creation with a twist. The sculpture garden was established in 1978 by Ursula Malbin, who passed away two months ago. In the garden, you will find 29 bronze sculptures and several benches that will form excellent rest areas that combine landscape, nature, and art. After a trip between the natural centers in the city, it's time to eat and experience a first-class culinary experience, so the next destination is Haifa's vibrant market!




 haifa market min


In the market you can hire the services of professional chefs who can make professional culinary tours and workshops and enjoy fresh ingredients, we recommend cooking in one of the market studio Asian food, Arabian food, fish, meats, Italian food, and intriguing cuisine from Tiberias and all after choosing all the ingredients yourself during the tour In the market. The market is adjacent to Wadi Salv, the market was built in 1940 and is slowly developing and attracting new visitors, Haifa Municipality invests large sums to develop the area and also many young entrepreneurs invest in the developing area, along with the old bastions grow amazing luxury restaurants and bars that inspire the whole city. And the market is slowly starting to mention the main market of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.


There are quite a few markets in Haifa, There are also markets that pop up once every few days and food markets - we checked out the main markets that are open throughout the week.




After years of neglect and an area marked as a place not really approached except for a few nightclubs, the downtown has in recent years become a central and vibrant entertainment area. There is a beautiful combination here between the historic buildings from the Ottoman and British periods and the beating hearts of the new businesses and bars. Some are very old alongside those that have opened in recent years to the young audience in the city. You will also find good restaurants here in a happy atmosphere, architecture, and lots of graffiti that adorns the neighborhoods.


In addition to the downtown, you can also tour the German Colony. The colony located in the west of the city was built by German Templars in 1868.

From here you can take the famous pictures in the city from which you can clearly see the Baha'i Gardens from below in all their glory. There are a colorful and special atmosphere and good restaurants that combine Arab culture and Israeli food.

A recommended restaurant in the German colony is "Strudel". From meat knapsacks, through stuffed zucchini to pasta and special salads, all of these alongside chilled beer from the keg - do the job. By the way, the neighborhood is a great example of a combination of the three religions. During December, the area is painted and boasts of the "holidays" in the city that combines the celebrations of Hanukkah, Christmas, and the month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. When in the main square you can watch a huge and bright fir tree and a variety of decorations from all sides.

Haifa is a great city to explore and enjoy the attractions and the culinary institutes but nearly impossible to move from site to site on foot. we offer you to see all Haifa highlights with a private driver whether you coming from tel Aviv of Jerusalem in one single day, relax in the backseat and let our Israeli drivers to Haifa handle the roads.