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Have you been to the Beresheet Deluxe hotel Mitzpe Ramon? After deciding on the most unique Hotel for your stay during your vacation in Israel, all that is left to do is go to this relaxing location and take in the breathtaking scenery.


Private transfers from TLV, Tel Aviv, or any other location in Israel in luxurious minivans and sedans are the best method of getting to the Beresheet Luxury hotel inside the mesmerizing Ramon Crater.


Since the Beresheet Mitzpe Ramon Resort is situated right in the middle of the Negev Desert, taking a private transfer is the best option to get there. OTTO Israel offers to reserve the service for individuals or groups ahead, the price is set from the moment the order is confirmed and stays the same, and the amount of luggage you bring will not be impacted in any way, unlike an Israeli taxi service. regarding the transfer fee.


Beresheet Hotel in Israel - unique and unusual vacation 

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The unique Beresheet Resort is situated on a cliff spread over 14 acres of the breathtaking Negev Desert, with a view of the spectacular Ramon Crater. The hotel's architecture blends perfectly with the surroundings and is made up of many large structures that each have 125 rooms.


The rooms on the ground floor with views of the Ramon crater and a lovely pool are the top of the cream. Large sunbathing terraces, an outdoor "floating" pool, an indoor heated pool with stunning panoramic, a cinema, a synagogue, a contemporary gym, and an elegant spa are just a few of the amenities offered by the Beresheet Hotel Resort. The  Rosemary dining room/Lobby, which serves Israeli cuisine, offers the guests a wide lobby area with special oriental cocktails while looking at the desert's capturing sunset.


If you think beresheet hotel is located in a boring location you are wrong! The Negev Desert can offer various and unexpected programs and unique out-of-the-box tours.

Hiking in the Ramon crater can be exciting with family and kids, jeep tours inside the crater to learn about the flora and fauna ... is a great educational tour, as exploring the Nabataean cities of Ovdat and Memphis, and strolling along the spice route, eating in Bedouin settlements and enjoying camel rides, Wine tours to the vineyards of the Negev region and wine tasting with Local cheese and vegetables, as well and the best is stargazing at night from the bottom of the Ramon Crater with an expert who has the newest equipment. If you love animals, in the early morning, you can meet inside the Beresheet hotel complex the Ibex, this is a mountain goat ;) very friendly and beautiful who enjoys drinking from your private pool.



Who is Hotel Beresheet Mitzpe Ramon suitable for?

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The vacation at Beersheet Mitzpe Ramon hotel is suitable for many different types of vacations; if you're looking for a location for a peaceful and romantic getaway, this is an excellent option. A unique couple's vacation is made possible by the atmosphere's uniqueness and the intimacy of a boutique hotel.


If you're looking for a place to take your family on vacation, the Mitzpe Ramon Hotel can work as your base for a range of outdoor activities and excursions that will expose the kids to exceptional, educational, and memorable experiences. All of this does not preclude your kids from participating in customary activities like swimming, hotel sessions, etc. Additionally, the hotel includes baby-specific amenities and offers a babysitting service upon request.



A Brief Overview of the Ramon Crater (Israel)

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Ramon Crater is a nature reserve in the Negev Desert, which covers 1300 square kilometers in southern Israel. It is a distinctive feature of the Negev and Sinai Peninsula that is a naturally occurring fracture of dolomite and limestone caused by erosion. The crater has a circumference of 42 km, a breadth of 2.4 to 11 km, and a depth of up to 500 meters. It extends from north to east and from south to west.


The night sky, which is littered with brilliant stars and constellations, is another attraction of Crater Ramon. The crater's region experiences consistently fine weather, a dry climate, a cloudless sky that is significantly darker than that of northern Israel, and a growing number of astronomers from Israel and Europe. More than 400,000 travelers come here each year to have the most unique holiday. Have you decided to visit the most unique hotel in Israel? To travel comfortably, Book a private transfer to Beresheet hotel and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime vacation!!! 

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