Car service to Jerusalem

 Car service to Jerusalem

How to visit Jerusalem in comfort and style?

Widely considered as one of the oldest and the most interesting cities in the world, Jerusalem is truly a great place to visit.

Jerusalem has a rich history and so many interesting places to see, so after a long flight and plenty of arrangements choosing public transportation with 50 people on board or an old taxi with a grumpy driver is probably the worst decision during your trip to Israel.

Otto transportation services in Israel has the perfect solution to make your journey to Jerusalem great, by using our car service to Jerusalem with a driver you will enjoy all benefits and the ability to create a perfect day.

Start your vacation by waking up whenever you want but remember to book your car service to Jerusalem in advance, have your rich Israeli breakfast watching the waves of the Mediterranean sea and sip a fresh-squeezed orange juice, go up to your room to dress up for an exciting day while your driver in Israel will be waiting for you patiently in the lobby.

car service to jerusalem by a minivan

Many people who visit Israel for the first time have many questions, where to go? or what are the highlights to see in Jerusalem? , we provide the solution and the answers since our drivers in Israel are trained to answer all your questions and know exactly where to take case you know where do you want to go or which sites to visit just tell your driver the required destination.

the car service to Jerusalem including :

  • Private new car.
  • Private english\hebrew\russian experienced driver.
  • Maps 
  • Tissues, gloves, alcogel, and masks.
  • Bottled water.
  • Magazines.
  • Insurance.

We selected the highlights to visit with our car service to Jerusalem:



Begin the day in Jaffa by starting from the observation point toward Tel Aviv, enjoy the warm breeze with a cup of coffee, and make a few panoramic photos before proceeding to Jerusalem with your driver in Israel.

Jaffa is an old city, it's even older than Jerusalem,4000 years of history!jaffa was an ancient port city used by the Romans, Greeks, Persians, crusaders, ottomans and the British in the past 2000 years, as a gate to the promised land jaffa was the starting point and the beginning of the journey toward the holy sites in Jerusalem for many pilgrims and merchants.

during your free time or during this special day you have an option to visit the floating tree in the heart of the old city, the st peter's church, or the flea market next to the clock tower.


continue on road number 1, the next highlight will be Latrun.

car service to jerusalem with a driver



 This hill is located in the famous Ayalon valley right on the main road, this place suffered from heavy battles during the war of independence of Israel and finally, the route to Jerusalem was opened in 1967 after the 6-day war. today in Latrun we have the biggest tank museum in the middle east, a truly exciting place for people who are interested in battle heritage.



Israel's official memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, this museum has great exhibitions and a thrilling story about the Jewish tragedy, note that you can visit this place with your kids only if they are 10 years old or older, in case your kids are younger, during our car service to Jerusalem they can wait with the driver in the cafeteria.


Mahane Yehuda market

This is definitely the perfect place to clean your head and having the best lunch in town while using our car service to Jerusalem! blend into the local scene and taste the local spices, desserts, and tapas, watch the action and learn how Israelis live in this fascinating city.dont forget to book a seat in one of the best restaurants in town the Mahane Yehuda restaurant, a truly thrilling institute with great food and loud music.


The old city of Jerusalem

Start your visit with your driver in Israel in a traditional way, go up to the observation point on Mount Scopus, observe the gold city and make the traditional photos, continue to the old city and start walking threw the Jaffa Gate, the movement of the people, the smells and the noise will provide the ultimate experience.

The church of the holy sepulcher is one of the highlights to visit in the Christian quarter, learn about the crucifixion of Jesus, go up to the Golgotha and step into the thumb of the lord, don't miss the via Dolorosa and the 14 stations of the cross while walking in the Muslim and Christian quarter.

Visit the western wall, the holiest Jewish remains from the second temple, and don't forget to prepare a note with your wishes.

Climb up t the temple mount to visit the dome of the rock, a truly beautiful Muslim holy site, but please check the opening times of this site since it working only in specific hours for non-muslim visitors.


After such a busy day and before leaving the old city, taste the local Arab coffee full of energy and cardamon smell in one of the local coffee shops.

The greatest thing about our car service to Jerusalem is the ability to tell your driver the exact pick-up point so in case you are tired or had enough just call him or text our back-office service and the driver will take you back to your hotel.


Enjoy your ride in the back seat while listening to your favorite music with our individual car service to Jerusalem!

car service to jerusalem with a luxury car




We love serving our clients especially during difficult times like the COVID 19 period, that's why we offer the best individual car with a driver service in Israel to isolate your family from other people and stay safe along with your visit in Jerusalem,

this car service to Jerusalem is the best way to see all main sites by your own temp without rushing after a tour guide or a public bus and the price will surprise you!we offer very democratic and affordable prices that everybody can pay and use only luxury cars with all the permissions and ministry of transportation license.