Day trip to Jerusalem with a driver


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The last period is quite challenging for many industries in Israel especially for the tourism industry and transportation,  many very experienced companies going through world crises like 2000,2008, 2014, and many others, today we are facing a completely new situation which is not only concerning Israel but the whole world.
Israel knew many military conflicts through the years so frankly this situation was expected to come, Yet this chapter will be remembered for humanity.
Still, we continue providing our day trips to Jerusalem with a driver and many other destinations, it’s quite funny but many new clients were added to our circle and using our services for Many day trips around Israel, not only tourists but also Israelis.
Today the day trip to Jerusalem with a driver is even better than last year since we don’t have any tourists coming and the sites available to visit are not crowded at all, leaving your hotel or your apartment For a sightseeing day in Jerusalem will no longer require waking up so early to avoid any traffic jams and walking in the old city of Jerusalem after a very short drive will be very convenient.
Our driver wearing a mask and gloves and providing you the full safe service will be able to reach as close as possible to the desired sites and even waiting for you until you finish visiting and walking and taking your photos.
It may sound strange but and this is probably the best time to travel to Israel with just a driver to enjoy our amazing country without any rush.
Another advantage during this period is the price, our day trip to Jerusalem with A driver is cheaper than previous years since we have many available vehicles and also the prices for many sites like national parks and museums are cheaper since the number of the visitors isn’t high, remember this is the best period of the year so the weather is perfect Therefore you can enjoy your full experience without a crowd.
The main sites in Jerusalem such as the church of the holy sepulcher are nearly empty and the entrance is restricted to 50 people, the western wall the holiest place for the Jewish people is also available to visit and there are no restrictions on visiting this amazing site. Walking in the old city will finally provide you the chance to see the city and not only the people and the shops so our recommendation is to book your visit to Jerusalem today.
As usual during the trip, Our cars are equipped with the latest technologies and with all safety measurements required by the Ministry of transportation and tourism during COVID-19.
The world knew many crises but soon everything will be normal again, use this period  To explore one of the most amazing cities in the world and take a day trip with a driver to Jerusalem for a safe visit without using public transportation and crowded places.
See you soon in Israel!