Hire A Chauffeur For A Day In Israel

 10 reasons why you should hire a chauffeur for a day in Israel

 Hire a chauffeur for a day in Israel


Visiting a new country is always exciting, your desire to see a lot but on the other hand, the lack of time is a tuff mission to handle, hiring a chauffeur for a day in Israel will make your day very simple and all you need to do is just sit back and enjoy the ride like a king. the service is very popular in the United States and the UK,  and in Israel, the service is even better.




Unlike public transportation offering only planned stations, a chauffeur for a day in Israel will take you wherever you need, you decide together where do you want to go and we will help you to make the right route according to your needs, time, and requests.




Time is precious, time is money! you came to see and enjoy so why spending unnecessary time waiting for a bus or a taxi? a chauffeur in Israel will be waiting for you and not the opposite, you decide when to begin the day even if you booked a specific time, this service is custom made and we care about your comfort.

We will help you to maximize your time and we will plan the day to make sure you saw everything you planned.




Booking a chauffeur for a day in Israel doesn't mean that you have to stick to the planned schedule, what happens if the weather changing and you planned to walk in an open sky museum? or a parade in Tel Aviv blocking the roads? this private chauffeur service will allow you to change the planned locations and time without any problem, decide about the alternative place to visit, change the time or even the day, you are the boss we are very flexible and we will help you to reorganize. 

Whether you have a big family or you prefer a long-wheelbase vehicle we can provide any type of vehicle on very short notice according to your needs.




Driving in a not familiar country may be a headache, tourists for the UK or Cyprus used to drive on the right part of the car and the left side of the road, in Israel it's opposite, the signs on the road are in Hebrew and the driving culture is very warm, why should you be in stress while having your vacation in Israel? a chauffeur for a day will drive you wherever you need without thinking about the next turn or which road you should take next. take off any driving responsibility and leave the job to a professional.




A local chauffeur in Israel will share relative information with you whether you decide to hear a little bit about Israel or just to ride in quiet, hiring a driver for a day doesn't mean only driving but also free advice and help! planning your day may seem sometimes disorganized therefore the driver will guide you to the right course.

The driver will explain about visiting hours of sites, dangerous places to avoid, recommended dress code, and perhaps the history of interesting places to visit, to fully enjoy good explanations we offer a drier who is also a tour guide.




Driving is Israel requires a driving license and insurance, some permits from different countries do not allow you to drive in Israel so you cannot rent a car and only use public transportation or taxis, other companies don't have a permit to drive tourists and passengers, does it worth risking your vacation?

By hiring a chauffeur in Israel you will benefit from peace of mind, we have every possible insurance so in case of an accident you are fully covered! don't worry, our drivers are very experienced and driving for more than 20 years on the Israeli roads.




Reaching Israel for tourists means visiting the Dead Sea, The Western Wall, and Galilee you will be surprised how many exciting places there are in Israel to visit!

Your personal chauffeur for a day can introduce you to unique places to visit even in the West Bank, great boutique wineries, waterfalls, attractions for kids, military activities, flight simulators, wild beaches, and many more.use this unique option to ask not only the chauffeur but also our free concierge service to reach amazing sites from north to south.



A professional chauffeur in Israel has not only a license to drive but also a permit for a weapon, Israel is safe but please keep in mind it is still the middle east, during your day trip you will have an armed driver who is trained to protect you in any scenario and the vehicle is has a 5-star safety rank in case of an accident, this is one of the key moments why you should hire a driver with permits in Israel.

We use only new and safe cars, top of the line.



The internet is full of different companies and private drivers offering to drive you in Israel, would you risk your family by hiring a person without a license or a company without insurance? we know the answer, our company offers experience, we provide the same service for more than 25 years, and guarantee our clients a trip without any worries!

Paying for a day trip may not be expensive but why even lose 100 dollars? go with only a trusted and certified company.




What is more expensive, using transfers of a taxi a few times a day or hiring a chauffeur for the whole day? most people will say public transportation and taxi!

The answer is simply NO! if you use a taxi a few times a day with a waiting time it will be much more expensive than having your private driver booked for the whole day ahead! a taxi will count every additional minute, the driver won't! the taxi will count additional miles, the driver won't! 

Drive as long as you need without worrying about the extras, this is the whole idea of a private service! a full day with a chauffeur will be a lot cheaper for a couple, family, and much more pleasant than changing cars a few times a day...

We care about your money and are not interested in any overpays therefore we don't charge any Office fees and commission while booking sites or making reservations, You will save a lot of money, and pleasure is guaranteed!