How much does it cost to visit Israel



How much does it cost to visit Israel and what are the prices?


what is the price to visit israel


Hello, dear guests and future visitors of Israel, welcome to Otto Israel transportation solutions. In this post, we will talk about the possibility of going to Israel on a budget and find out how much does it cost to visit Israel.


Israel is an expensive country, even very, one might say the most expensive in the region of the middle east and one of the most expensive countries in the world. But this does not mean at all that it is impossible to organize a budget trip here. In principle, this is very realistic, the main thing is to prepare well and find out how much does it cost to visit Israel in total.


The cost of a visit to Israel can be divided into several components:


1.The cost of a visa to Israel -  Citizens of Russia, Ukraine, UK, USA, Canada, and Australia do not need a visa. This is a huge saving in money and time. You just buy a plane ticket and arrive. 

2.Flights to Israel - Here the price range is large. Getting the dates right is very important. On Jewish and Christian holidays, the demand for tickets increases. Also, tickets to Israel go up in the Hi- season: March, April, May, October, November. Before booking, you should check prices with several agencies, as well as check online services on the Internet. Very convenient booking service Pay attention to connecting flights, the cost of such tickets can be twice as low as for direct flights. The average price for a flight in early December (for example) is $ 180 per person.

3.The cost of hotels in Israel - There is a wide range of prices here. There are many options, from renting an apartment in the suburbs of Tel Aviv to a luxurious room in the best hotel in Jerusalem. The main thing is to find the best value for money. The most convenient service for finding a hotel in Israel is

The average price for a simple Tel Aviv hotel room is $ 100 per night. Look out for seasonal deals and last-minute discounts. Do not be afraid to move away from the center, be afraid of the lack of public transport nearby. Recently, the daily rent of apartments has become very popular. You can find a convenient accommodation option in an apartment on the website The average price per night in a Tel Aviv apartment (in December) is $ 80.

4.The cost of food in Israel - People love to eat in Israel. The portions are large. It is not at all necessary to go to famous restaurants in search of something tasty, it can be done in simple street cafes. The main rule is to move away from the central places, sit down where the locals eat. Be sure to check the menu or check prices before ordering. The average price for a dinner for a couple, excluding alcoholic drinks, $ 50.

Also, do not bypass Israeli fast food. Pita (flatbread) with shawarma ($ 10), a plate of hummus ($ 8), a serving of falafel ($ 7). All these dishes will not leave you indifferent and hungry.

5.Moving around Israel -  Upon arrival in Israel, you will be looking for a way to get to your hotel. The first and easiest option is to order a private transfer on our website, the average cost of a car to Tel Aviv is $ 50. The option is not the most budgetary, but the most convenient. The second option is a taxi. Less comfortable and not really cheap(40$). Option # three, public transport. Train and bus. You will get to your destination with transfers. By using this option, you will definitely save money but lose time. The average cost of a city bus is $ 1.5. You can check and plan your public transport in Israel on the website

The cost of an excursion to Jerusalem is another important item of expenses. Excursions, museums, and other attractions. There is history all around in Israel. There are many temples, monasteries, ancient settlements, museums, archaeological parks, zoos, attractions, etc.

The minimum program is a sightseeing tour of Jerusalem. The cost of a group excursion is 45-65 $ depending on the company. There are many offers on the internet. You can also order an individual excursion and find out the prices for guide services in Israel on our website. The price and quality of the excursion will be higher (from $ 400) but definitely worth it.

6.Private driver in Israel - a great option to visit our country and the most convenient one, rent a private driver with a car a move around Israel anytime you want, this option may be fantastic for people who are less budget but ever for a few days anyone can afford it.

7.Comunication - You only need your cell phone, Israel is covered with free wi-fi almost everywhere, from the airport to Eilat, feel free to connect and share your emotions.


You can get to know Israel on your own. A visit to the Museum of Art in Tel Aviv will cost you $ 13. The entrance fee to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem is $ 14. It will be interesting for children and adults to visit the Safari zoo, the price per person is $ 18.

You don't have to spend money on vacation. Relax on the beaches and swim in the sea. Walk to the sights and parks: Bahai Gardens in Haifa, National Park in Tel Aviv. Go to entertainment centers: Sarona in Tel Aviv, Hatahana in Jerusalem. Stroll through the old cities: Jerusalem, Jaffa, Akko. Visit monasteries and churches.




So how much does it cost to visit Israel? Let's summarize. It makes no sense to go for one day, three nights, and four days is the minimum.

(200 tickets) + (240 apartments) + (80 meals) + (20 transport) + (90 excursions and attractions) = 630 $.

The amount turned out to be quite acceptable. Quite often you can find offers from travel agencies at very ridiculous prices. Keep in mind that the cost of such tours is not all included and much is not mentioned.


Now the budget has cleared up. Come! Israel will not leave you indifferent.