Is the sky opening? 5 very important things to know


Is The Sky Opening? 5 Very Important Things To Know About Israel



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The media celebrated the "opening" (quotes are necessary since the opening is very dubious) of Ben Gurion Airport with loud headlines and high hopes.


Of course, any relief and removal of restrictions are encouraging. But just before you book a flight or book a hotel abroad, you need information. our website helps you get it: here's what you need to know before traveling abroad in the Covid 19 era.


Ben Gurion Airport Opens: 3,000 Passengers Per Day Until March 20 And 10000 From March 21


The government of Israel limits the number of flights, and therefore the number of destinations and airlines, and currently only allows vaccinated and convalescent passengers to leave the country without the need for an exemption board approval.

The current restrictions will remain in effect until March 20, and the government may extend them beyond that date. You can check which airlines fly and, where to in the constantly updated "Rescue Flights" calendar.

It is still unclear what will happen after March 20, and since airlines have not received an update on future restrictions, they can continue to sell seats as they see fit. It is advised to be very careful when purchasing flights in the next two weeks, as at least some of the scheduled flights, are likely to be canceled.


Israel Exit Policy


Currently, passengers departing from Israel must present a negative corona test (PCR), except for vaccinated and recovering passengers, including children of all ages. Also, all passengers must complete a health declaration within 24 hours of the flight.


Foreign Entry Policy: Where To Fly?


Today there are dozens of countries that Israelis can fly to, but each country has its own restrictions and the policy changes from time to time. Some countries do not accept Israelis at all (e.g. the Netherlands, Italy, New Zealand), countries that accept Israelis but require isolation (France, England, New York State), countries that require a negative corona test before takeoff, and/or after landing (Dubai, Seychelles, Bulgaria). And some countries allow vaccinated passengers to enter without additional requirements (Mexico, Montenegro, Dominican Republic).

On March 17, Kan Reshet Bet radio station announced that Greece intends to allow Israelis to enter the country from April 16. Vaccinated people will not be required to do a coronavirus test, and those who have not yet been vaccinated will have to present a certificate of passing a check upon entry into the country, as was the case before the closure of airspace in Greece.

As reported by "Details", on March 16, planes from Israel flew to 11 destinations:


New York


Hong Kong








Addis Ababa




The list of countries you can fly to without isolation can be found here.


Travel Insurance Abroad


In the era of the "Covid 19", the importance of travel insurance has increased significantly (and with it insurance premiums). You shouldn't take this matter lightly and settle for the cheapest policy, which probably includes minimal coverage. If you are not knowledgeable about travel insurance or simply prefer not to take risks, it is best to enlist the help of an insurance agent who specializes in travel insurance. After all, the cost of travel insurance, even if it has grown significantly, is negligible compared to the cost of travel in general. It is also worth noting that currently only vaccinated people can purchase travel insurance in the United States. You can get information on this issue here.


Flights To Israel: Coronavirus Test And Health Declaration

When preparing to fly to Israel, the corona test (PCR) must be completed within 72 hours of take-off, and also, a health declaration must be completed within 24 hours of take-off. Children of all ages are not exempt from this obligation, except for those who have been abroad for less than 72 hours.

After landing at Ben Gurion Airport, all passengers take a free corona test at the Check2Fly complex, and only then can they leave the airport. The vaccinated and convalescents are released from isolation, while the rest (including children) are sent to home quarantine or the "Corona Hotel" for 10-14 days following directives from the Ministry of Health.

On March 17, the Knesset passed in the second and third readings the Electronic Wristband Act, which will replace hotel isolation for Israelis returning from abroad.

The use of electronic bracelets or an application on a smartphone is voluntary, those who do not want to use them will be sent to the hotel.



Entrance To Israel For Tourist Starting May 2021


On the way to opening inbound tourism to Israel: An outline formulated by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health will allow tourists to enter Israel in a careful and measured manner. For more than a year since the gates were closed to foreign passport holders, from May 23, tourists will be allowed to enter Israel in the following way: only vaccinated tourists will arrive in an organized framework in groups.

Tourists, like all passengers, will be required to undergo a corona test 72 hours before takeoff, another test after landing and unlike Israeli citizens, they will also be required to undergo a serological test to check their blood antibody level. Along with the outline, they will continue to have contacts with countries for recognition agreements for vaccination certificates, to obviate the need for a serological examination.


The test will most likely take place at Ben Gurion Airport when it comes to a finger prick blood test, the results of which will be delivered within a quarter of an hour. The most significant source of tourism to Israel even before the corona and where the immunization rate increases daily.

The outline will limit the number of groups that will be allowed to arrive and only at the next stage, and assuming that the model works and does not affect the morbidity data - it will also be possible to bring individual tourists to Israel.






OTTO Transportation services in Israel is here to bring you the latest news regarding any entrance policy to Israel, as far as we can see the sky is slowly open and we expect to return and accepting tourist as before not later than June, for any questions please contact us and let's start planning together with your upcoming visit to Israel.