28 curious facts about Jerusalem


 curious facts about Jerusalem



Jerusalem(Yerushalayim) is a city that is known on all continents. It has a very long history and has accumulated so much information about itself that scientists will need to study it for many more decades, no doubt. Information about the capital of Israel is concentrated not only in historical documents but also in cultural monuments. To see these world's greatest landmarks a huge number of tourists and pilgrims come to the city every year.


After all, Jerusalem is the center, not only of the Jewish religion but also of the Christian and Muslim worlds. Even though the city is now actively developing, the spirit of the Middle East is felt in it at every step, and ancient antiquity harmoniously coexists with modernity. You can talk about Jerusalem endlessly. Here are just some interesting facts about the best city in Israel.


1. Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world. Archaeologists claim that it was founded in 3000 BC. Slightly younger than Jericho(10,000). The world then had a completely different configuration, and many nations that now dominate the world political space simply did not exist yet.


2. This city became the center of the Jewish states three times. First, over 3000 years ago, it became the capital of the ancient kingdom of Israel. After its split into two parts, the city began to function as the main city of Judea, bearing the same burden as the center of the Jewish world. And now it is considered the capital of modern Israel.


3. It is curious that 36% of the Jerusalem population are citizens under the age of 18. This is since ultra-Orthodox Jews have more than 6 children in their families.


4. Jerusalem almost 20 years after the revival of the State of Israel was a divided city. Until 1967, a number of its areas were under the jurisdiction of Jordan. And only after the lightning-fast Six-Day War, Jerusalem was reunited and become an Israeli capital.


5. The UN does not recognize the results of the Six-Day War, which means it does not recognize the jurisdiction of Israel over the entire city. Hence the refusal to recognize the united Jerusalem as the capital.



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6. The existence of Jerusalem was by no means cloudless. It is estimated that during its existence, the city was destroyed twice, 23 times besieged by enemies, 52 times attacked, and 44 times more power was forcibly passed from one hand to another.


7. Historically, it happened that Jerusalem became a sacred place for the followers of three religions at once. These are monotheistic religious movements: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. A significant number of places of worship of these religious trends - synagogues, Christian churches, and mosques - serve as a definite confirmation of this.


8. After the last destruction of Jerusalem during the suppression of the Bar Kokhba uprising, no fortifications were built around it for a long time. The walls around the city reappeared only during the reign of the Turkish Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in 1538. They have survived to this day, defining the boundaries of the Old City.


9. According to a long-established tradition, the area of ​​the Old City is divided into 4 parts: Jewish, Armenian, Christian, and Muslim quarters.


10. Despite its old age, Jerusalem is a relatively small city. Now the capital of Israel is home to about a million people.



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11. Among believers, it is believed that Jerusalem is the center of the earth. Even on the maps of the Middle Ages, the city was designated in the center, like the navel of the earth.


12. In 1981, the Old Jerusalem area was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List as a Cultural Site in Danger.


13. Of those living in Jerusalem, the majority (62%) are Jews, followed by Muslims with 35%. There are only 2% of Christians in the city. And about 1% adhere to atheism, itsism, or apatheism.


14. The belonging of the Christian Church of the Holy Sepulcher, located in Jerusalem, looks interesting. It is owned by 6 Christian denominations at once, each of which owns a fragment of its territory. At the same time, none of the confessions can independently carry out any work on the repair, reconstruction, or restoration of the building there. Any changes should be agreed upon and made only after unanimous approval.


15. In Jerusalem, there is a mental illness called "Jerusalem Syndrome". It occurs in some pilgrims as a conduct disorder. And sometimes it is so strong that the unfortunate pilgrims are required to be sent to a local psychiatric hospital.


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16. Jerusalem holds a kind of record. On its territory, there is the most expensive cemetery in the world - the Mount of Olives. Places in the cemetery are bought during their lifetime, and it costs several million dollars.


17. Interestingly, Jerusalem in Israel is not the only city in the world with this name. Several other cities bear this name.


18. In Israel, the name Jerusalem is sometimes given to children.


19. The flag of Jerusalem has its name written in Hebrew.


20. Jerusalem is the only place in the world where archaeologists have discovered artifacts with the names of people mentioned in the Bible. An example of this is the found seal on which the name Gemaryahu ben Shafan is typed. He was one of the scribes of the prophet Jeremiah.



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21. In the former residence of King David, otherwise called the City of David, the largest number of scientific expeditions were excavated. For all the years of archaeological research, a huge number of artifacts have been collected here. However, despite all the efforts of scientists, so far they have been able to excavate only a quarter of the entire territory, so most of the finds are still awaiting discovery.


22. One of the most impressive structures of ancient Jerusalem is the Shiloah Tunnel, also known as the Siloam Tunnel. This underground structure, half a kilometer long, was built under King Ezekiah to supply the city with water during the siege. The tunnel was completed in 700 BC.


23. In 1867, British explorers found another tunnel in the Western Wall that served as a sewer. These same scientists were the first of modern people who conducted a tour of the discovered structure. They used wooden doors as a floating craft, and instead of oars, they took tree branches.

The journey ended in the basement of the convent, which left its guests in disarray. Now, this excursion is considered standard. It is very popular with tourists coming to the city.


24. Despite the very southern location of Jerusalem and the extremely hot summer, snow sometimes falls in the city during the winter. True, the joy of the inhabitants does not last long, because it melts very quickly.


25. Jerusalem is famous for its botanical garden, whose employees grow on its areas almost 10 thousand species of various plants.


26. Jerusalem Old City size is only 1 squared kilometer.


27. Only authorized vehicles and residents' cars can enter Old City Jerusalem.


28. Jerusalem has 4 seasons.