Minivan with a driver in Israel

Minivan with driver in Israel


Why renting a minivan with a driver in Israel is the best way to travel and to explore?

Over the previous year, we have seen a growing demand for a minivan with a driver and family carriers in Israel, many clients requested the Mercedes v class van to travel across Israel.

With the Mercedes  V class capacity to carry 6-7 people often can think that companies changing their strategy to pack many people together, but the opposite is true, otto transportation services in Israel heading to the luxury niche to provide you and your family the best way to travel with your luggage and tons of space, and suddenly the expression of renting a minivan with a driver in Israel doesn't sound so bad...

For many years the most popular option while renting cars with a driver in Israel was a luxury car such as a Mercedes S class or an SUV, but today many drivers in Israel using the Mercedes v class van since the car is very comfortable to drive passengers and providing almost the same comfort level as a luxury sedan.

However, the stigma still sticks with the V Class, yes it is a minivan but what a beauty, the car is equipped with the latest technologies such as wi-fi, air conditioning, and reclining seats, the amazing leather stitched seats are soft and pleasant to seat on, the space for your luggage is huge and you can take up to 15 cases together!the engine is great and efficient so you won't be crawling on your wat to Jerusalem with your driver.


Minivan with a driver in Israel

Renting a minivan with a driver in Israel is probably your best decision for touring Israel, if you are a big family, a group of good friends or just a couple with plenty of luggage arriving in Israel and booking an airport transfer to Jerusalem,  explore Jerusalem and make as many stops as you want to see the amazing sites and don't even bother to open the doors since they open automatic! you weren't expecting this from a minivan in Israel ha? make your shopping in the central market of Jerusalem and buy as much as you want since the Mercedes v class has a huge trunk and by the way, it's also automatic!

Travel as a tourist to the north region of the country with your minivan and recline your seat, take a nap in the soft and pleasant chair and enjoy the ride, the passengers can move from one seat to another to get a better view from the window and even transform the back seat into a bad!

Using the minivan with a driver in Israel for big corporate events became very popular lately since more than 2 people can travel together without thinking about the space or other colleagues joining them for the ride and still travel from one appointment to another in style and great impression.

We have a big fleet of Mercedes v class vans in Israel for you so don't worry you will also be able to book your minivan is Israel.



 Times have changed and people are thinking different, the comfort and safety are the top priority to travel in Israel, we can tell you a secret, our company owner is using this specific type of minivan to travel and to drive between his meeting in Israel although he has the option to choose any car from the fleet.

We hope we convinced you and removed the old thinking about a minivan, so please call us and explore Israel in style and comfort!