Night in Tel Aviv With a Private Driver







A never falling asleep city crowned with a sea of ​​lights, a seashore illuminated with multi-colored lanterns, a bustling seaside promenade, and many bars, restaurants, and cafes - this is Tel Aviv at night. We know you missed Tel Aviv and we offer you to take a private driver to Tel Aviv and explore the city by night!

This endless "sea of ​​lights" is applauded by the passengers of the planes approaching to land at Tel Aviv Ben-Gurion Airport. And believe me - most of the tourists arriving in Israel first of all want to plunge into the unforgettable atmosphere of Tel Aviv at night.

You can hire a private driver in Tel Aviv and see The central part of this "second capital of Israel" is included in the architectural heritage of UNESCO, thanks to the unique and perfectly preserved Tel Aviv houses in the Bauhaus style. After the Mediterranean sunsets in the sea waters, the guests of Israel, and the Israelis themselves, are happy to go on exciting journeys around Tel Aviv at night.

Best of all, - this is how experienced guides advise, - to arrive at the ancient port of Jaffa with your private Tel Aviv driver an hour before sunset and walk around the Old City - Old Jaffa for a couple of hours. In its alleys, named after the signs of the zodiac, there are shops of folk craftsmen, galleries of local artists, and sculptors. Do not forget to look at the rock on which, according to legend, Andromeda was waiting for her miraculous rescue - this is in the Jaffa port. In general, the magnificent view of Tel Aviv at night is remembered for a long time, and most of those who do not live in our country, remembering this impression, want to come here again and again.


Endlessly repeated: "Tel Aviv is a city without timeouts, a city without sleep, a city without a break, a city that has fun," etc., etc. - of course, not by chance. Because it is - this city lives a full life, and at night it is full of life, giving it a unique charm. Everyone will find entertainment to their liking in Tel Aviv at night. Concerts, exhibitions, jazz evenings, rock concerts, strip clubs, discos, bars, and restaurants - all the accessories of the nightlife.




There are dozens of nightclubs at the highest level in Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Also, you can have a good rest in the hotel lobby, where, as a rule, there is a cafe or a disco.


There are pubs and bars in Tel Aviv of different styles and levels. In most, you can order not only drinks but also food. For Israelis, the pub serves mainly as a place to sit with friends late at night, rather than a place to retire or relax after work before returning home, such as in England.
A typical Israeli pub is characterized by an open atmosphere, full of joy in life, and it is easy for a tourist to feel like a full participant in a feast, with conversations, songs, and sometimes dancing on the tables.


Do you really want to drink and drive while visiting the bars and restaurants of Tel Aviv? book a private driver in Tel Aviv and enjoy your evening.

Tel Aviv hotels are famous for their special restaurants; the best chefs in the country usually work at the hotels. From time to time, restaurants organize special evenings dedicated to a specific national cuisine, for which the necessary products are ordered and delivered by plane from abroad. Often, artists come to such evenings, who will accompany the meal with appropriate music and dances.

The acquaintance with the Tel Aviv theatrical world is also very interesting. After all, evening Tel Aviv offers the richest choice of theatrical repertoire. An important note should be made: Tel Aviv is the birthplace of modern Hebrew, and therefore it is no coincidence that it is the main center of modern Hebrew culture. This is why most of Israel's theaters are based here. Also, Tel Aviv has several dozen concert and theater halls, numerous museums, and the already mentioned art galleries (in old Jaffa).


Repertoire theaters - Habima, Gesher, Chamber Theater, Beit-Lesin Theater, Yiddish Yiddishpil Theater. Each of them deserves a separate essay, but we will focus only on the history of some of the theaters that are most attractive to Russian and English -speaking tourists and residents of the country.

"Gesher" is a theater of repatriates from the former USSR, which has gained recognition in different countries of the world.

Many theater lovers in Israel still remember August 1991 and the play "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead." This production really shocked many then, and soon they started talking about the new Tel Aviv theater as a “Russian miracle”.




This is how the "Gesher" theater was born. Having started to play in Russian, very soon (after a year) the actors began to offer a double version of performances - in Russian and Hebrew, and now - more and more often - the theater is staged in Hebrew with simultaneous Russian subtitles. The artistic director of the theater is Evgeny Arie, who stages everything in the theater - from tragedies to musicals.


"Habima" is a national theater in Hebrew, born in Russia and revived in Israel. Literally translated "Habima" is a scene. The theater is located on the square of the same name - in the very center of Tel Aviv. This is one of the oldest theaters in Israel, which is called the "national theater", it was founded in Poland in 1912, but since 1918 it became part of the Moscow Art Theater, so some consider this year to be the date of its foundation. The actors were trained by Konstantin Stanislavsky and Evgeny Vakhtangov. It was Vakhtangov's staging of the play "A-Dibuk" (by Semyon An-sky) that brought glory to this theater. In January 1990, Habima became the first Israeli theater to tour the USSR.


Tel Aviv Chamber Theater - "Cameri", which emerged in 1944, was to become the opposite of the conservative repertoire of "Habima". The "Cameri " productions used new translations of old plays and completely new theatrical plays in the most modern version of Hebrew. Since the 1980s, the theater has focused on staging musical performances. In 2005 the collective of the "Cameri" theater was awarded the State Prize of Israel. Now the theater performances can be seen in several languages: in addition to Hebrew and Russian, English and Arabic are also used.

The repertoire of Tel Aviv theaters covers a wide range of works by leading foreign and Israeli authors.

One of the oldest buildings in Jaffa houses the "Ha-Simta" theater - "Lane" in which original performances are staged, often in the "cafe-theater" style.
Tel Aviv hosts the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra, the Israel Opera. Adjacent to the Tel Aviv Art Museum, on st. Shaul HaMelekh, the Palace of Performing Arts is located.


It occupies about 40 thousand square meters and includes:

"Beit-Opera" with a hall for 1500 seats, which opened to the public in 1994, and a hall for performances of the ballet ensemble "Bat-Sheva".
In the center, in front of the façade, there is a small square, into which two giant arches lead. On both sides of the square, there are cafes and shops, on the other side there are halls. On the square itself, street performances are held, and an underground car park for 1000 cars is available to visitors.

The original lobby of the Palace is located on three levels, where visitors can spend time with interest before the performance, during intermissions, and after the performance. The main lobby is open to visitors all day, where the regulars of the Opera Café gather, the Opus store offers books and musical recordings, the small amphitheater hosts short performances, and the lobby is periodically updated with exhibitions.
The proximity of the Tel Aviv Art Museum, the Shaar Zion Library, and the Palace of Performing Arts turns this entire large quarter into a real oasis of culture.




Tel Aviv is so exciting, especially at night, the British Times magazine nominated Tel Aviv as one of the best places to visit after the Covid 19!


Take a private driver in Israel and explore the city day and night!