Research carried out on flight from Israel: low chance of transmission of the corona virus in aircraft

How safe it is to travel Israel during COVID 19?


In the previous six months, the world is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, this infection has totally closed down the flight business, Israel started the first wave as a green nation however with the shut sky and scarcely a couple of flights per week, Slowly we can see a change since the Israeli government is building a serological center in the Ben Gurion air terminal and individuals became acclimated to the new directions, for example, social distancing and wearing masks.

The Israeli transportation services industry is gradually awakening since an ever-increasing number of flights are coming into the country and we accept and trust in a more promising time to come.

A new examination from Israel:" the low possibility of transmission of the coronavirus in an airplane"

A flight of travelers was on a departure from Tel Aviv to Frankfurt on March 9, even before the required wearing of masks, however of the other 78 travelers were contaminated just two: "We were amazed that the individual sitting before the transporters and conversing with them didn't get tainted"

As indicated by a short German investigation distributed only a couple of days prior in the American Medical magazine JAMA Network Open, the possibility of moving the Corona on planes is extremely low, we are so amped up for this astonishing news and would like to see at long last an adjustment in our industry!

Virologists from the University Hospital in Frankfurt, Germany, took a trip on which there were 102 travelers leaving from Tel Aviv to Frankfurt on March 9 - the times of the beginning of the crown emergency and when the cover covering was not yet so normal. Among the 102 travelers, there was a gathering of 24 vacationers, about whom they realized who came into contact with a Corona quiet at lodging in Israel.

The experts in Germany got guidance ahead of time about the traveler gathering, of which seven were promptly discovered positive for Corona and another seven later. About a month later, the specialists reached the other 78 travelers who were on the equivalent 4:40-hour flight. 90 percent of them answered: Some were asked whether they had any side effects or whether they were sick, and others came to be analyzed.

At long last, it was found that solitary two travelers were in all probability tainted during the flight: the two who were sitting on the way before the transporters.

Specialists recommended restricting the method of sitting in trips with two lines before the tainted individual and two behind him, however on this flight, it worked out that an individual who sat one line before two of the sightseers with the Corona - didn't get contaminated. "This individual from Line 44 revealed to us that he had made a meaningful discussion with the two transporter travelers sitting inline 45," she told AFP Sandra Tseisk, top of the Institute of Medical Virology in Frankfurt. "Astonished us that he didn't stick."

Coincidentally, the Ministry of Health refreshed the day on the crown sands of the Tel Aviv region that came back from Germany two days prior to the Lufthansa organization's concession flight (lh1121 from Madrid to Frankfurt and afterward lh0694 from Frankfurt to Tel Aviv). The individual who came into contact with her was distinguished and requested to enter the isolation, and furthermore the remainder of the travelers of the trip to enter the confinement as indicated by the directions.

We believe the latest studies and we are positive that we will soon be able to provide our amazing transportation and transfer services in Israel, this pandemic is taking a lot of time and effort but eventually, by the end of the year we will have a cure, even today with all the restrictions it is possible to travel in Israel, our private transportation services will meet your strict requirements and guarantee you the maximum safety and pleasure.

Our company made a great improvement concerning hygiene and safety requirements, and today you will find in each and every car gloves, masks bottled water, and special isolation sheet between the passengers and the driver.