Safe chauffeur service in Israel - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Safe chauffeur service in Israel - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Most recent data and guidance while going with OTTO transportation services in Israel during COVID-19

As a responsible car service organization, we are making strides in preparing every one of our services to guarantee that they follow the right safety orders by the ministry of health and transportation following the spread of the COVID-19 infection.

Hygiene standards

If a driver contacting a coronavirus carrier or doesn't feel well he is guided immediately to isolate himself and pull back from working. We have guided our drivers to clean their hands every time stepping in and out of the vehicle while opening the doors for you and continue to clean the vehicle while the clients are out for their business with alcogel and other alco tissues to keep the car ready for you.

Car cleaning process

Before meeting a new customer, the driver will disinfect the seats, doors and luggage handles, and all surfaces where the past traveler had contact, our chauffers also use a special spray to disinfect the air in the filter system for extra safety. When the driver will finish the process he will wash his hands and change his gloves. 

Airport meeting or Airport Transfers

Upon your arrival and your meeting with your driver in Israel, your driver will offer you a new pair of gloves and a mask. unfortunately shaking hands or warm greeting won't be possible at the moment, this is definitely a strange moment for us but it is the situation at the moment.

back seats

Private transportation is probably the safest at the moment and the car with a driver is just yours, the best place to seat today is probably behind the chauffeur, opening a window or even having a partition between you and the driver is the extra safety that we offer. there is also an option to seat on the 3rd row of the seats in our minivans with an open window to take even another step forward.

Catalogs, business cards and Magazines 

Currently, at the moment we don't supply or provide any magazines as we usually do, the health organization claims that people can transfer the coronavirus threw surfaces, our apologies! feel free to use your iPad or mobile phones with our free no limited Wi-Fi.

Proposals for our drivers

Strict orders to our working staff and drivers

Use Alco gel and special wipes with alcohol to clean and disinfect the car's interior space each time passengers enter or exit the car or change.

You should focus on the back seats, front seats, door panels, doors, and door handles, trunk and windows, cup holders, and baby seats.

Remove all papers and magazines and don't handle our business cards.

Handle each passenger a new sealed pair of gloves and a small bottle of alcogel.

Provide sealed water bottles and clean your hands with alco gel before giving the bottles to the clients.

Wear a facemask during your drive and gloves to minimize the contact.

Avoid any handshakes or hugs with clients.


Thank you for your understanding during these times, we continue to operate but under the new restrictions,


Otto Transportation services in Israel.