Shopping In Israel With A Private Driver







In Israel, which imports products from all over the world and produces a huge range of goods on its territory, you can heartily enjoy all the delights of shopping IN Israel with a private driver. There is everything to satisfy the most varied tastes of buyers: an infinite variety of goods, striving for infinity behind the glass windows of large department stores and on the counters of oriental bazaars, at fairs and boutiques, in pedestrian zones and shopping streets of large cities, offering tempting products of local and foreign production.

As in any Western country, large shopping centers have sprung up in Israel over the past decades, among which is the Jerusalem shopping center, the largest in the entire Middle East. And in Tel Aviv, there are several "themed" streets specializing in certain types of goods: condiments and bridal salons, fashion stores and furniture, fabrics and original gifts, fashion accessories, and art galleries.

Trade enterprises operating under state supervision and registered with the Ministry of Tourism have a corresponding emblem and offer a wide range of goods: jewelry and diamonds, carpets, fashionable women's clothing, leather goods, art objects, ceramics, embroidery, and much more! so in case you want to cover all the shops in one day you can use our private driver for shopping in Israel tours every day.






Most shops are open Sunday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Some of them are closed for lunchtime from 14:00 to 16:00, as indicated by the corresponding sign on the front door. In some cities, it is customary to close shops on Tuesdays after lunch.

On Fridays, shops close in the afternoon and only open on Sunday mornings. On the eve of Jewish holidays, all trade ends before the start and is stopped during the entire holiday. Shopping centers ("canyons"), not exclusively for the religious population, are open on Saturdays, while the rest open only at the close of a Saturday or a public holiday, mainly for moviegoers. Restaurants and cafes that do not serve kosher food are mostly open on Fridays and Saturdays.
Muslim-owned shops are usually closed on Fridays, the Muslim holiday, and Christian shops are closed on Sundays.

In the Arab cities, the shops are open every day including all holidays, the shopping centers are located mostly in the north region of Israel, therefore our private driver for shopping in Israel will be a great option to drive to the north and load up the car with your new bags.




18% VAT is charged on all goods and services and is included in their price. Tourists are exempt from VAT on the following services: accommodation (in hotels, youth hostels, field schools, and campgrounds, a car with driver services) and related services; organized excursions; rental of tourist transport (with or without a driver-guide); flights operated by Israeli airlines; Cruises; meals organized by travel companies as part of organized excursions; meals at the hotel included in the total bill for accommodation; hospitalization in a hospital; participation in the conference (at least 50 tourists); the right to use the exhibition space and related services.

As mentioned above, in Eilat all goods and services are exempt from VAT.







You can pay for purchases in shekels or the mainstream currency (dollar and euro). Tourists who have made purchases over $ 100 (including VAT) at stores registered with the Ministry of Tourism and participating in the VAT refund program are eligible for a value-added tax refund.

Stores that provide this service have a special signpost. At the end of the purchase, you must make sure that you have received a special VAT refund receipt, which contains all the information, including data about the purchase and the buyer.

The receipt and the goods should be put in a bag and sealed in the store. Upon arrival at the airport. Ben-Gurion or any other point of departure from Israel, you must go to the "Change place" section located in the departure hall. If you want to send the purchased items as luggage, you must notify the airport employees about the desired VAT refund before checking the security service. In the "Change place" section you will have to present your foreign passport, air ticket, purchased goods, and a receipt. An employee of the department will open the package, check its contents, sign the check, and return your VAT in any currency minus any fees. It is possible to send a VAT refund to your address abroad for an additional fee.

The following goods are not subject to VAT refund: food, drinks, tobacco products, electrical equipment, cameras, photographic films, and other equipment for filming.




1.Shopping center "Gan Ha-Il"

A shopping center in the city center, some of which are open-air shops.

It is pleasant to come here for shopping because there are the shops of world brands in the open air and the shining sun. Gan HaIr is located around the corner from Rabin Square. There are Israeli chain stores, a farmer's market, high-quality merchandise, and a children's play center.


In addition to the best Israeli brands, this mall offers delicious food.



2. Shopping center "Seven Stars" - The shopping center is located near the entrance to Herzliya from the Ayalon highway, next to the beach. There are many shops and a variety of cafes and restaurants for visitors to the Seven Stars, and for children, the shopping center hosts free masterclasses and cultural events.



3. Shopping center "Azrieli" in Haifa - The Azrieli Shopping Center in Haifa offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment.

The shopping center is part of the Azrieli Group and is located in the southern part of Haifa, it is convenient and pleasant to get here. There are hundreds of shops selling clothes, shoes, optics, toys, and a large selection of restaurants, cafes, and entertainment for the whole family.



4." Ramat Aviv" Mall - The Ramat Aviv shopping center is located in a quiet suburb. Here you can find shops of popular and little-known brands.

Want to find yourself in a relaxed, relaxed atmosphere, away from the bustling center of Tel Aviv? In Ramat Aviv, you will find over 130 stores, including international brands such as Bershka, Zara, MAC, Diesel, G-Star, as well as local Cala and SOHO, all without crowds and stress.



5. Trade center "Azrieli" - You need to go to the Azrieli shopping center when shopping therapy is needed. You can ride up and down the escalators, go to the Gap and H&M, and, as it were, be transported to any place in America. But in the end, you will still find yourself among the towers of unique shapes: a triangle, a circle, and a square, which are the symbol of Tel Aviv.


6. Ice Mall Eilat


7. Dizengoff Center Tel Aviv


8. Ayalon Mall Ramat Gan


9.Hazahav Mall Rishon Lezion


10. Haifa Mall


11. Beer Sheeva Big Mall





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