Tel Aviv - Dead Sea transfer or round trip


tel aviv to dead sea transfer
One of the most exciting places to visit in Israel is definitely the dead sea and the Judean desert, it doesn’t matter if you are a tourist or a pilgrim, the Dead Sea cannot be missed during your trip to Israel.
This amazing lake located 430 m below sea level(level of the Mediterranean sea) and is also the saltiest in the world attracting millions of people for thousands of years as the first natural health spa in the world, the Egyptians were probably the first to discover this amazing place and then the official resort was probably opened by the great king Herods and attracted millions of people for thousands of years as the first health natural spa in the world, 
The Dead Sea is receding very first and loses almost 1 m every year, nowadays we have a great chance to visit the dead Sea before it disappears.
The distance between Tel Aviv and the Dead Sea north beaches is only 100 km, and this is a very easy and short drive from Tel Aviv, with many places to see and explore on the way.
The distance to the Dead Sea from Tel Aviv to the south part of the lake is 180 km, the drive is a little longer but you have different attractions to see and eventually reaching a completely different location.
The greatest news about the Dead Sea is the fact that the weather in the Judean desert is always warm so you can drive from Tel Aviv to the Dead Sea every month of the year.
We offer transportation service from Tel Aviv to the dead sea Every day using our private luxurious vehicles with a private driver in Israel, This Tel Aviv -dead sea trip is a great option to combine history, nature, and swimming in the most fascinating lake in the world.
During our Tel Aviv to Dead sea transfer or round trip, we offer to make a few stops on the way.
1. The Jordan River baptism site- this place is located just a few kilometers from the Dead Sea and considered as the official place where Jesus was baptized by John, this is a great opportunity to visit one of the holiest Christian sites in the world and to wash your sins away.
2. Camel ride-get a taste of the Judean desert and take a short camel ride on the way to the dead sea from Tel Aviv, enjoy this experience with your kids and make some great photos.
tel aviv to the dead sea transfer  
3. Genesis land-The most authentic experience of the desert and the biblical times, ride the camels, make the oriental bread, and learn the history of the Bible.
4. Qumran- enjoy the biggest shop of the Dead Sea products on your way from Tel Aviv to the Dead Sea, But don’t forget to take your passport to claim the VAT back during your departure.
5. Private beach-enjoy the famous Kalia Beach on the north section of the Dead Sea, This location is fully equipped with toilets, changing rooms, a bar, and a restaurant.
tel aviv to the dead sea 
6. The south part of the dead sea has many hotels book yourself a daily package in one of the hotels of the Dead Sea to enjoy a full day after our transfer or a round trip from Tel Aviv to the Dead Sea.
7. Ein Gedi national park- For people who like to hike and enjoy nature, this is the perfect place to have a stop during the Tel Aviv to the Dead Sea Transfer, enjoy the secret waterfalls of the desert, search for the local animals and have a cup of coffee in the shade. 

tel aviv to the dead sea

8. Masada-The highlight and the most interesting place to visit on your way from Tel Aviv to the dead sea, an exciting story and a thrilling place to visit in the desert to learn about the greatest builder of the holy land And about the biggest suicide in the Jewish history.

tel aviv to the dead sea transfer threw Masada

There are a few options to get from Tel Aviv to the Dead Sea such as a public bus or shuttle, the best option is having your private driver in Israel to drive you without any stress or rush.