The Dead Sea during the Covid-19


All regions of the country are licking the wounds of the coronavirus, but it seems that the Dead Sea in Israel region based on tourists from abroad, suffered the most. However, the tourist development of the last three years, including the new promenade and the Mall, marks that the base to the future will be much better than before.


If there is a strong abducted area from the corona, it is probably the Dead Sea. The"resort " of Europeans was closed last March when the COVID 19 begun in the world and arrivals to Israel were stopped, and the place where most tourists came to visit remained abanded. There is no summer without tourists this is the best period and the most profitable to the dead sea! hotels in Eilat Hotels are recovering and also the north part of Israel but The Dead Sea is built first of all on incoming tourism, and this year we have a serious problem.


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Places to eat at the Dead Sea

But there are those who Coronavirus in the area did them good. For example, Gal Hazor and Orly Harti from Kibbutz kaliya who opened the Mi Casa cafe in the Checkers House on the road leading Jericho. "The corona raised up the place because on weekends, Thursday-Friday, the place is full of Israelis without an alternative to travel abroad!

It's no secret that one of the biggest problems of the Dead Sea region is finding a decent place to eat for so many years especially not in the north part of the dead sea. So in an abandoned packaging house painted from the outside in black-and-white squares (hence checkers), the couple opened lately a nice cafe-restaurant "because I'm tired of going to Jerusalem to eat," explains Gal. After designing this charming place, which includes wood carpentry and vintage items, such as an old Amkor refrigerator and even the vehicle that belonged to his grandfather, he began to worry about a menu that includes pizzas, salads, breakfasts, ice creams.


"The people who came here built the menu," Orly says, " it started as a joke, without Facebook or marketing and quite a few of our customers are also soldiers from bases in the region. One soldier even set up Instagram for us and another a Facebook business page. In their planning, they hope to establish in the territory adjacent to Khan Lina, and hope that a beach strip will also be opened for free bathing," because Israelis are looking for two things that are missing here, "says Gal," cheap accommodation and free sea". And he's right.


 Places to visit at the Dead Sea

Back to Route 1 in the east direction, the one that ends at the junction of the prairie house with Route 90. A little after the intersection of Lido, you can see painted graffiti on the painting of the Crusader map of Israel, which was made in 1973 by Israeli reserves soldiers on the walls of an abandoned restaurant. What a shame.


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But more encouraging graffiti is about a kilometer south from there - and basically the lowest Gallery in the World-Gallery minus 435 at the entrance to the kaliya Beach, whose number obviously symbolizes the dying sea level. If we put aside the worn-out branding that everything in the Dead Sea is "the lowest in the world", as the bus station in Ein Gedi which is "the lowest station in the world", or the new mall that opened two years ago which is "the lowest shopping mall in the world", you can see that there is actually a good and interesting art, something fresh to see!


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an amazing project at the entry to the Kaliya beach- This is a project in which Jordanian military structures, abandoned after the 6-day war and later became the residence of the Nahal visionaries who protected the area ever since, Itai Maor and Lior Lifshitz from Kibbutz Kaliya made an incredible graffiti job and colored the buildings!. They enlisted with the help of the Regional Council scrolls and other budget donors to bring 14 artists, including from abroad, who voluntarily began to draw on the buildings' different paintings related to the Dead Sea and the region.

The result is spectacular. The Jordanian camp became a charming colorful complex with paintings by the artist Dede, for example, or an inscription of the Dead Sea in Arabic and Hebrew together. Another work bears the title " Who Killed The Dead Sea?"


It's very disappointing that there is no beach complex in the north of the Dead Sea for the traditional Dead Sea floating, the entrance to which is free. In fact, if you want to swim properly, not in a pirated manner or for fear of sinkholes, you will be forced to drive up to the south of the sea where three years ago a coastal strip was constructed, including a promenade, for the public.



Corona or not, the region does not intend to stop planning events for the coming autumn, with the traditional Gedid festival taking place this year at the end of October, as well as an international photo exhibition of photographers from 40 countries on the Dead Sea retreat and even a preliminary March to the Dead Sea canceled in March to return. The Dead Sea is one area for the tourist, although in practice it is divided into two regional councils (scrolls and Tamar), having North and South, a new tourist website was also set up a month ago, with beautiful photographs and other information under the new branding "land of the Dead Sea". Time will tell if it will work, but the mindset for the merger certainly makes sense.

 Observation Point

The border between the two councils (scrolls) and (Tamar), is a military checkpoint, this is A good opportunity to climb with the road rising up to the cliffs of ranks. The rather familiar accommodation site, sitting on the cliff of replicas, provides probably the most beautiful view of the Dead Sea, blue sea and green palms. In recent years, the accommodation options of the cliffs of gradations have expanded, including double rooms, Family/Double glamping, and, of course, group accommodation.

ein gedi

During the corona period, the Israelis took care to fill the place. The bar at the entrance to the complex, which meets the name "bar cliffs", from which a greenish sinkhole landscape has sprung, is an open office location if the corona continues, and especially a great place to snack on something and sip chilled beer from the local brewery.


The drive south on Route 90 reveals more and more sinkholes: the mineral beach of a long-abandoned Mitzpe Shlomo due to a sinkhole that was opened in its parking lot in 2015, as well as date palm groves and other partial territories. The best example of this is the bypass at the entrance to the eye of Capricorn and the waterfall of David.

Kibbutz Ein Gedi, which is based quite a bit on foreign tourism, is also adapting these days to maintain and increase the arrival of Israelis. Ein Gedi hotel, for example, 60 percent of its guests were tourists, has fallen like all Israeli hotels into a difficult problem. "But suddenly the Israelis discover the hotel," says Tom Geva, the Dandy CEO who entered his office two months ago and hosted me in one of the rooms. "The annual average with us is 65 percent occupancy at the moment, with the annual average 70 percent," he says. According to him, in July, with the start of the second wave of the corona, the Israelis feared and the price of a night for the couple was NIS 450, while now jumped to NIS 800 and more, "but the holidays are still in question about the occupancy," he adds.

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 Masada national park remains the same, the attraction is still great but there are no people if you visit Israel nowadays you will enjoy the site like it's your own private one and you will feel the dead sea as it mentioned in the bible!

Masada national park


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