Things To See From Tel Aviv To Eilat



The driving to Eilat may take around 4 hours, why not using this amazing opportunity while driving to Eilat and see amazing sites on the way?


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things to see from tel aviv to eilat


Timna Park, one of the largest parks in the world, is located about a 15-minute drive north of Eilat. The park covers a huge area of ​​about 60,000 dunams, and it excels in many and varied landscape sites, spectacular rock formations, and important geological and archeological sites. It is advisable to simply walk around the park, with an open heart and open eyes, and look for unique sandstone shapes. Here is a profile of a person in a rock, and here is a duck or crocodile… The Timna Valley is a geological window, in which various rocks are exposed, which contain various minerals, including copper, iron, manganese, and more. It is the first place in the world where copper was mined, and throughout the park, you can find thousands of shafts of copper mining and remnants of smelting furnaces from the period of the ancient Egyptian Empire.





 what to see on the way from tel aviv to eilat


An offer for a short trip, most by car and a few on foot, to particularly impressive stone pillars. At 20 km on the Arava road, turn west (right) following the signs to the Amram pillars and drive on a dirt road marked in blue. Further on, the road splits - the left side, marked green, continues towards a black canyon (see a suggestion for a hike below), the right side is marked in blue, where we continue for another six kilometers. The road marked green connects to the road marked in black, which is blocked at the end for travel. Here we will park the vehicle and start walking. A half-kilometer walk on the road marked in black leads to the pillars of Amram. These are five impressive sandstone pillars, formed as a result of rainwater that carved cracks in the cliff and deepened them greatly. Near the pillars you can see burrows and shafts, these are the remains of a copper mining site from the Roman period. In the channel walls of Nahal Amram, you will notice colored sandstone outcrops. The place is wonderful for rest and a leisurely picnic, one that will make even the most energetic city mice downshift and connect to the desert majesty.




kibbutz yotvata from eilat to tel aviv

In the southern Arava, south of Kibbutz Yotvata, against the background of the Edom Mountains to the east and the Samar Sands to the south, is a unique and fascinating reserve - Chai Bar Yotvata. The reserve was established to bring back to the landscapes of the Negev and the Arava extinct species of animals, including those that lived in the area during the Bible period.


The reserve is divided into two areas: one includes the foyer and the center of the predators and the other the open area. In the center of the predators, you can watch desert predators, including tigers, wolves, hyenas, sand cats, caracals, and more and other animals, such as desert snakes, small mammals, and birds of prey. Nearby is the nightlife room in the desert, where the day becomes night, which allows you to watch the activity of nocturnal animals such as bats, reptiles, rodents, and more. After completing a tour of this area, you can go on a desert safari in the reserve. The trip here is done in your private car in a marked and orderly way, during which you can expect from an almost touching distance the animals in the area - wild, rams, cards, fertilizers, ostriches, and more. Anyone who wants to hear explanations about animals can purchase a CD with explanations. On weekends there is a tour following a feeding inspector in the open reserve.




Dead sea beach in israel


The Dead Sea is a closed salt lake between Israel and Jordan, Its surface and coastline are 422 m below sea level and this level is constantly decreasing. The Dead Sea lays in an intercontinental depression formed during the split of Eurasia and Africa. The coast of the lake is the lowest land area on Earth.

The Dead Sea is one of the saltiest bodies of water on Earth, with salinity reaching 33.7%. The lake is 67 km long, 18 km wide at its widest point, and the maximum depth is 378 m.




eilat to tel aviv sights


A suggestion for a circular trip that is also very suitable for families with children who like to walk. Great to do in spring, fall, or winter, not suitable for hot summer days. Length of the route: 3 km, duration of the trip: about three hours.

At 20 km on the Arava road, turn west (right) following the signs to the Amram pillars to a dirt road marked in blue. After about three kilometers, at the fork in the road, turn left, onto the road marked green, following the signs to Black River. The road reaches the parking lot, where you leave the vehicle and start walking on the path marked green, which enters a black mall. The canyon is engraved with ancient rocks, more than 600 million years old, and crystals of various colors can be seen inside. The canyon is about 1.2 km long and the walk includes climbing in two dry waterfalls, the climb is not difficult but small children will need help. At the end of the canyon, you reach a red marked path, which goes up to the north bank of the bus. Here, different from those you saw in the canyon, these are marine sedimentary rocks, and if you look closely, you will find fossils inside. At the junction of the path marked red with the path marked in black and the orange-white-blue marking of the Israel Trail, turn right here.

During a trip to the Black Canyon, with a little luck, you can meet the Negev deer | Photo: Doron Nissim During a trip to the Black Mall, with a little luck, you can meet the Negev deer | Photo: Doron Nissim




visit a kibbutz on the way from tel aviv to eilat


Less than five minutes from the northern coast of Eilat you can enjoy desert tranquility and wonderful views of the Eilat and Edom mountains. The opportunity to enjoy all the worlds - on the one hand, the beaches and attractions of Eilat, and on the other hand, the open desert spaces and the blessed tranquility - makes the Eilot Guesthouse a particularly tempting option. Instead of a variety of spacious holiday units, scattered in the well-kept spaces of the kibbutz - accommodation units that are suitable for couples, others, with a bedroom and living room, very suitable for families. Family rooms "in front of the sea" are located in two-story buildings, four units in each building and each apartment has a bedroom and living room and is equipped with a bathroom with shower, kitchenette with dishes, refrigerator, coffee/tea, and microwave, cable TV, telephone and air conditioning. The "Between the Palms" family rooms are spacious ground floor apartments, which include a bedroom and a living room, each apartment has a kitchenette with cutlery, a small refrigerator, a coffee/tea set and a microwave, a bathroom with a shower, a toilet, cable TV, a telephone, air conditioning outside. Couples are offered "mountain shade" accommodation, spacious and cozy rooms equipped with a refrigerator and coffee/tea set, shower, toilet, cable TV, telephone, air conditioning, and outdoor seating.


Palms Restaurant offers delicious food and also, guests can enjoy an outdoor swimming pool (in season) and an indoor heated swimming pool. Eilot Guesthouse is a great starting point for hiking or cycling, where you can get recommendations for hiking trails. During the migration period, when masses of birds land in the kibbutz fields for rest and food, you can go on a tour between the fields to watch them.