At first glance, Eilat is a very small piece of land on the Red Sea coast between Jordan and Egypt. It is located in the desert and far from major cities. But around there are several nature reserves, gorges, canyons, deserts with endless dunes, many excursions, and excellent infrastructure with entertainment for every taste.

The sea bay contains a high concentration of salts, therefore there are a lot of corals. Eilat beaches are famous for their picturesque coral reef and stretch for 12 kilometers along with the resort. You can laze by the sea here all year round, even in winter, the air temperature does not drop below 20 degrees. Visiting Eilat with a private driver, every tourist will find here what he likes and can afford.






1. The underwater world of the Red Sea


Undoubtedly, as soon as you find yourself in Eilat with a private driver, you will immediately want to swim in the warm water of the Red Sea. And rightly so! It is best to go to Coral Beach, which is protected by the state as a natural marine reserve. A reef runs along the coast, in its depths bizarre fish, turtles, horses, and jellyfish, living branches of corals hide. Even beginners with a mask, snorkel and fins can dive here. The Red Sea is home to about 1350 species of fish and about 300 species of coral.

There are also dive centers offering diving to different depths, you can choose a suitable course or dive into the sea without any licenses, but accompanied by an experienced instructor. The oldest certified diving club Lucky Divers organizes such one-time dives. They teach you the basics and explain the technical details, show you how to properly purge your ears and breathe in depth. After a detailed briefing, you can safely go under the water. Depending on your desire, the underwater excursion can take 15 minutes (110 shekels) or 30 minutes (165 shekels). There are also advanced PADI beginner programs and courses from the professional association of masters. Bonus - instruction can be conducted in Russian. In addition to diving, kitesurfing and windsurfing are popular on this beach.


2. Marine Park "Underwater Observatory"


Not everyone likes diving to depth, but an educational excursion in Eilat driven straight from your hotel by your chauffer to the marine observatory will appeal to both adults and children. A white tower rises 8 km south of the resort center. This is the building of the observatory. This unique place is located just in the Red Sea. The underwater observatory descends to a depth of 12 meters, where through huge transparent windows you can see the untouched beauty of the coral reef. The life of marine life is constantly boiling here! Tropical fish chase each other, octopuses and thorny hedgehogs peacefully doze in stone houses, sometimes turtles and stingrays swim by. Observing all the colors and shades, it is simply impossible to tear yourself away from such a breathtaking sight.

The park also has an oceanarium with dozens of pools, separate rooms with sharks, stingrays, and shimmering jellyfish, visitors can watch the feeding of predators, wander through the shark tunnel, watch the Amazon exposition and ride a boat with a transparent bottom over Japanese gardens made of branchy corals ... It is impossible to inspect everything in one day, so the purchased ticket (99 shekels) is valid for three days.


3. Timna Valley


Do you want to see completely unearthly landscapes, spacious arches, a red spiral hill, a fantastic rock in the shape of a mushroom, Solomon's pillars, the Egyptian temple of the goddess Hathor, mysterious silhouettes of the Sphinx, and animals floating in the air? All these natural wonders can be reached with a private transfer from Eilat, they were formed as a result of the erosion of rocks and the work of desert winds 6,000 years ago, are located in the Timna Valley. It is a national park 25 km from Eilat with many roads, bike, and hiking trails.

It is best to book the organization of a private tour&transportation agency in Eilat - OTTO Israel or a private tour guide. Usually, Jeep tours go to Timna in the afternoon. The most popular route lasts 4 hours and runs through the main attractions of the valley: "Mushroom", "Timna Lake", "Solomon's Pillars", "Arches" and others. And, of course, an unforgettable sunset in the desert, when the sand is colored with soft sunlight.

Tip: when buying a tour, check if the price includes a ticket to the park. The average price of $ 70-75 for a tour in different companies may exclude it, then an additional fee of 40 shekels may be required from you


4. Evening with a glass of wine and seafood


Being by the sea, it is simply impossible to resist the variety of fish restaurants. Taste the mind-blowingly delicious fresh seafood and fish. The chef of every competent restaurant is sure to cook something incredible. The floating restaurant “Pago Pago” is very popular with a solid selection of seafood and romantic sounds of the surf. The luxurious Ponton beckons to the sea platform, the aromas of the smoky shrimp grill attract guests to the Denis Kingdom and Last Refuge.


5. Museum of Erotica


It is better not to take the little ones here, but adults will really like it here! The exposition of the unusual museum on Sderot Hatmarim street contains paintings, photographs, cartoons, and accessories for love pleasures. Erotic retro films of the 20s of the last century are shown right there in the cozy cinema hall. Check the poster of the museum before your visit. It often hosts closed-themed parties, body art contests, and amusing performances.


6. Relax and swim with dolphins


Experience true multi-sensory pleasure in a unique place called Dolphin Reef. This oasis of tranquility is located just 3 km south of Eilat and of course, we can help with a quick transfer from Eilat. The place is a nature reserve by the sea, where you can see dolphins in their natural habitat, swim with dolphins (290 shekels), or dive with them to a depth of 6 meters (339 shekels), take incredible photos, and relax your soul. The complex includes three relaxation pools surrounded by a botanical garden with waterfalls and pleasant underwater music. Sessions with an instructor are very popular here, who shares the secrets of relaxing techniques in the water.


7. Wild flora and fauna of the High Bar reserve


You can see leopards, hyenas, forest cats, flying dogs, gazelles, wild goats, ostriches, and other animals on the territory of the High Bar Nature Reserve. It is located 35 km from Eilat, in the Arava desert and you definitely need to book a private driver from Eilat. If you come here, you will surely see many animals. All of them live behind a fence, albeit in the most natural conditions. It is best to go to the reserve as part of a jeep safari. The 4-hour program is offered by OTTO Israel Tours.


8. Beauty of the Red Canyon


Just 15 km from Eilat, nature has created a real work of art - this is the Red Canyon in the Arava desert. The dried-up river bed of red sandstone has been sharpened over time by stone and winds, and bizarre cliffs with a red-blue tint now attract photographers from all over the world. Jeep safaris in the Red Canyon can be combined with visits to other attractions such as Timna Park or a Bedouin village. The journey to the Canyon takes from 1.5 to 4 hours, and it is organized by many companies in Eilat but we can offer the best private transportation from Eilat to the attractions for the best price. 


9. Ride a yacht


Sailing out to sea in a luxury white yacht and exploring the seascapes, snorkeling in the most amazing places with a mask, trying out a barbecue from the fresh catch is the real dream of any hedonist. In Eilat, you can rent a yacht, glass-bottom boat, catamaran, or go on an excursion to the Egyptian Taba, Coral Island, on a sunset cruise. OTTO Israel has been providing Yacht tours in Eilat and has been cruising customers around the Gulf of Eilat for 10 years, We have yachts with jacuzzis, comfortable or antique beauties. And if you want to have a party on the deck with a dance floor and a jacuzzi, having gone on a group or individual tour, we recommend ordering a trip on catamarans in the marina on the North Beach.


10. Energize at the City of Kings Amusement Park


Walk along the cozy promenade and you will surely find a real palace here. Behind its walls, there is a huge amusement park, built according to biblical stories using the most advanced technologies. It's amazing how easy it is to travel to Ancient Egypt, find yourself in a cave of illusions and labyrinths, play with optical devices that create incredible holograms. There are the waterfalls of King Solomon and the cave of the Old Testament at a depth of 60 meters. All rides and installations are interactive, here you can try a lot on yourself, go boating and tickle your nerves. True, the waterfalls with slides can only be visited by children taller than 120 cm. And most importantly, children and adults here not only get drive and emotions but also get acquainted with the history and Christian traditions.




Let us take you to Eilat and reserve you the best attraction! Enjoy a safe and easy vacation and let us do the hard work for you!