Transportation for weddings and events in Israel

Transportation for weddings and events in Israel

Having a big moment or an important event? using a professional Team with knowledge and the right logistics will create the perfect event in your life.

The wedding day has always been one of the happiest moments, but finding the right place for the event and hiring the right car service in Israel has always been an issue. if you ask people who got married in Israel or used transportation services for big events many would say that the car service or the driver on the wedding day made a huge difference between an average wedding or a great wedding\event.

When we provide our car service for your wedding/event, we focus and plan :

  • Strategy-we focus on timing and location for your wedding photoshoots.
  • The right driver for the couple or the guests.
  • The target of the event
  • assistance plan and event planner.
  • creativity and plan B.

Personal old school touch vs modern technology 

OK, so you made your plans for the big day, you calculated the number of the guest and you know the pick-up points but this is your wedding day and you have to make it perfect without dealing with all the transportation arrangements(wedding car, minivans, buses), yes an application or a computer program may be could solve the issue but handling the job to our professional and experienced team will definitely take off the issues and the arrangements from you.

Leave us to deal with the logistics and timing since we have a lot of experience dealing with delegations and big events, we will be able to plan the pick-up locations and coordinate with all the guests so you can enjoy your special day and be sure that everything will be perfect and on time. 

Pre organization and booking

We always like to plan a special event and we recommend contacting us as early as you can to make the perfect plan for your wedding day whether you need a big number of vehicles or just one car with a driver to the event.

Surprises are great but not when it comes to a wedding day or booking a service with extra waiting time or a different location, therefore we will provide all the information, the price, and the additional payment, who will be your driver in Israel during the event and your selected car. 

Select your car with driver 

If you are a guest or a couple we recommend arriving at the venue in a sedan or SUV, having a big family? great! use our Mercedes V class luxury van to incuse comfort and safety. check out our cars in Israel list. 

Our insurance 

Itineraries change so fast, especially when it comes to a big event with a lot of people, someone's flight delayed or planned to leave the hotel earlier?

We usually create a working plan and a special document with timings and a list of the guests to track and to be ready for any upcoming change during the wedding/event day.

You will receive a list with all the names and contact numbers just in case, so there is no way someone will use the wrong vehicle or driver. 

Unexpected changes 

While planning a big event you will always have surprises and additions, At the last moment another family member will decide to join the event, or a special guest will fly over, there is no place to worry! we have all the solutions for the last moment changes and additions since we have a large number of cars in Israel and enough drivers to solve any issue. 

Finish line

At this point, the event is going on and the guests enjoying the evening, but for us this another important moment to prepare the cars and the drivers for the departure.

One of the drivers will be in charge, of our back office to meet the guests after the event is over and taking them to their vehicles and their Chauffeurs.

elder people will appreciate this service and younger people can just call the driver and prepare him for the end of the event.


 Remember we are available 24\7 during your event, use our back office service it's free!