Travel to Galilee with a Driver

The north experience in Israel


travel galilee with a driver
Start your day from Tel Aviv and have a healthy Israeli breakfast with your partner or your family while our driver will be waiting for you outside your apartment or hotel, Wear something comfortable but also take long pants since you are about to visit holy sites.
Driving up to Gallery approximately takes two hours and the first stop will be a very famous city called Nazareth.
According to the Christian tradition, this is the place where the angel Gabriel announced the Virgin Mary and that she will carry the son of God, Jesus, today you have the opportunity to visit the biggest Basilica in the Middle East which was built during the Byzantine period, And recently was reconstructed and turned to the biggest church of the Middle East since 1969, constructed by Giovanni Mucio.
Inside the magnificent church with two huge levels, you will see the home of the holy family, and above on the second level, you will see a beautiful collection of big and beautiful mosaics donated by different Catholic countries from all over the world.
Continue exploring Galilee with your drivel in Israel you’ll stop at the zero level, this beautiful observation point is located above the sea of Galilee and providing you the chance to observe this magical lake and its rich history, Take your photos and hop into your car to continue exploring the north.
The next stop will be Yardenit, This place is important to all Christian streams in the world since Jesus was baptized by John almost 2000 years ago, this is your chance to buy a special white shirt and get baptized in the holy Jordan River, this ceremony providing you are unique chance to wash your sins away and to be pure again.
 travel galilee with a driver
Traveling in Gallery with a big group is not comfortable since you have many people on the bus and each and one of them has a different wish, otto transportation services in Israel providing you a great service to travel galilee with a driver without being dependent on other people and to be concentrated in your trip and your family members.
Driving along the sea of Galilee you can enjoy the Israeli lake of Garda, This is truly an amazing place and the contrast between the blue sea and the green surrounding will amaze you, Your next step should be kibbutz Ginnosar, you will see the boat from the times of Jesus which was found in 1986 by local fishermen and today preserved in the museum and open to the crowd.
Heading north along the coast you will visit Capernaum, This is another fisherman‘s Village from the period of Jesus and according to the tradition the main structure which is the first church in the world used to be the home of Saint Peter and his mother, Next to the church you will visit an ancient synagogue from the Byzantine period A huge limestone preserve structure remained Till today.
Across the road you’ll notice red domes, This is another important church belongs to the Greek Orthodox Church and according to the Greek tradition, this is the place where Jesus selected his 12 disciples.
In many locations in Galilee, it is possible just to walk between the sites but don’t hesitate to use your chauffeur while traveling to Galilee with a Driver, This is the whole idea of our service to make your life as easy and comfortable as possible.
Combining a few attractions during your travel to Galilee with A driver is an excellent decision, try to plan a short visit in one of the local wineries in Galilee, and having a refreshing stop with a quick lunch can be an excellent solution without wasting any time.
If you’re traveling with your kids consider having some outdoor activities such as kayaking in the Jordan River, we have the best recommendations were to do it.
Another great option to keep in mind is to stay overnight in one of the kibbutz of farms in the north region and enjoy the local Israeli warm hospitality.
travel galilee with a driver 
Galilee is a great region for sightseeing and outdoor activities and many people since they don’t have enough time, just skipping this magnificent region, During your next visit to Israel explore Galilee with a driver And you will enjoy a full and exciting visit in Israel