Travel To Israel: Beach Vacation, Excursions, Or Health Improvement

Travel To Israel: Beach Vacation, Excursions, Or Health Improvement?

 Travel To Israel Beach Vacation Excursions


If you have already luxuriated on the sunny beaches of Tunisia, Turkey, Greece and are thinking where to go this time, take a closer look at Israel. The country is a real treasure for travelers who are interested in various types of leisure. The number three is a lucky number here. Israel has excellent resorts on three seas - the Mediterranean, Dead, and Red. Three leading world religions originated in the Holy Land: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. And the most popular holiday destinations are recreation at the Dead Sea, pilgrimage excursions to the shrines of Jerusalem, Nazareth, and Bethlehem, and beach bliss with diving and trips to national parks. Want more details about legendary Israel? Find out all the fun!


It's amazing how such a tiny state harmoniously combines all the factors that are important for a great vacation and an eventful trip. It takes only 4 hours to fly from Moscow or Milan to Tel Aviv, you never get tired. Acclimatization is easy. The climate is mild, subtropical. They swim in the Dead and Red Seas all year round. The water temperature in winter does not drop below +23 ° C. But the most ideal time to visit: in spring (March-April) and autumn (September-November), when the scorching summer sun is already cooling down.

Israel is living history. Ancient Jewish cities and places are described in the Bible, the historic center of Jerusalem, and the quarters of the ancient port of Jaffa. Places associated with the image of Jesus Christ attract pilgrims from all over the earth. Monuments of history and architecture of the Promised Land here organically coexist with the cosmopolitan streets of Tel Aviv and the luxurious hotels of the coast.

The best beach resorts: Eilat on the Red Sea, where lovers of coral reefs and deep-sea diving go, the Dead Sea in Ein Bokek, as well as Netanya, Herzliya, and Tel Aviv, where the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea with fine sand stretches for as much as 200 kilometers and promises complete freedom.

In addition to leisurely relaxation on the beaches, treatment at the Dead Sea walks in holy places, and parties in the most cheesy clubs in Tel Aviv, there is something else in Israel! There are many natural parks and reserves. Just what are the Martian landscapes of Timna Park and the bizarre forms of the Red Canyon, the Massada National Park with a majestic ancient fortress, and the green oasis of Ein Gedi!


Eilat: beaches and coral reefs of the Red Sea

Eilat beaches and coral reefs of the Red Sea



The popular resort of Eilat is located far from the country's historical sites, on the Red Sea coast. Even though Eilat is closely sandwiched between Egypt and Jordan, its 12 km of sandy beaches and coastal waters with a coral reef have been declared a nature reserve. Along the reef, the depth is very shallow - about 4 meters, so even a beginner diving in a mask can watch sea urchins, colored fish, octopuses, and flocks of tuna in crystal water. A little further, to a depth of 30 meters, serious divers, accompanied by an instructor, can dive.

The beaches of the resort are neat and civilized, there is everything you need to relax: umbrellas, sun loungers (often free), cafes, and bars with ice cocktails. In the northern part of the resort, there are pebbly and sandy beaches with convenient access to the sea, and for those who like diving with a mask, it is better to go to another part of Eilat, to Coral Beach. Hotels here are also for every taste and budget - from cool five-star chains to modest youth hostels.

In addition to the sea, diving, and active water sports, there are other activities in Eilat. The Maritime Museum with an underwater observatory, a huge cinema, an Old Testament amusement park, an Ice Palace where you can play snowballs and go skiing, a museum of semi-precious stones, many restaurants with world cuisines, and in the summer there are jazz festivals and night concerts. Tourists tired of the sea and entertainment should go to nature. Especially beautiful is the Martian Red Canyon on the border with Egypt and the ascent to the top of Mount Shlomo through a picturesque gorge, from where you can see the whole of Eilat, Jordanian Aqaba, and the vastness of the Red Sea.

Tel Aviv and Old Jaffa: endless beaches and history

 Tel Aviv and Old Jaffa


The Mediterranean Sea is an equally intriguing idea for a beach holiday in Israel. Tel Aviv has everything your heart desires! It is the second-largest city in the country - lively, modern, cosmopolitan. Endless sandy beaches stretch along with the entire city, and "Metzitzim" and "Jerusalem" have even been awarded the prestigious "Blue Flag" for the cleanliness of the water area. All beaches here are free, equipped with showers, changing rooms, volleyball courts, medical assistance points, security, and chess and rackets are also distributed free of charge, and in some places, there are even libraries with books for reading under the gentle sun.


Life is in full swing in Tel Aviv all day and night. During the day, you can stroll through art galleries and museums, walk along the long promenade with cafes and restaurants, and then hang out in the clubs on the southern Allenby promenade until dawn. Tel Aviv is the destination for its vibrant nightlife and varied tastes. Try traditional Israeli, Moroccan, Arabic, Indian cuisine. And, of course, the classics - hummus and falafel! Be sure to check out the fish restaurants of old Jaffa. Shrimp, squid, gilthead are cooked here simply amazingly. After tasting the delicacies, it is worth staying longer in the old quarters of Jaffa. It is the oldest port city of old Israel, adjacent to Tel Aviv. Ancient churches and monasteries, colorful Arab streets, museums, galleries, theaters, and vintage flea markets. Jaffa is adored by artists and aesthetes. Every corner of this quarter is covered with legends and history: here Noah built an ark and Perseus freed Andromeda.


Jerusalem: Walking Biblical Sites

Jerusalem Walking Biblical Sites


In just an hour, you can reach the capital from Tel Aviv. Jerusalem is a holy city for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. It was here that biblical events took place, known to each of us from childhood. In the Temple of the Ascension of Christ, Jesus Christ was crucified, buried, and then resurrected, along the Via Dolorosa his way of the cross to Calvary passed. In the Garden of Gethsemane, you should walk through the old churches and admire the olives, which are over 2 thousand years old. You should also see the famous Western Wall - the sacred place of the Jewish people and the Islamic sanctuary of the Dome of the Rock. And just 8 km from Jerusalem, in the city of Bethlehem, Jesus Christ was born. These places attract pilgrims from all over the world.


It is best to explore Jerusalem in stages. Its center is in the Old Town. There are 4 most important quarters hiding here: Jewish, Christian, Armenian and Muslim. Walking along the old rocky streets, you can feel the atmosphere of all four cultures. And also see holy places, architectural monuments, noisy bazaars, walk through museums and drink coffee on the bustling Ben Yehuda Boulevard.


The healing power of the Dead Sea

 The healing power of the Dead Sea


A trip to Israel may have another goal - to improve health in the healing saltwater of the Dead Sea. Most of the hotels and clinics are located in the town of Ein Bokek. All of them offer a variety of spa programs and therapies based on healing salts and organic mud.


But, of course, swimming in the sea itself delights adults and children all year round! Here you can completely relax, plunge into dense water and, according to a funny tradition, take a photo with a newspaper. The effect of weightlessness is achieved due to the high density of water, it contains salts, minerals, and useful trace elements. Truth and benefit should be in moderation - it is not recommended to swim longer than 20-30 minutes. And do you know what miracles oxygen can do, which, by the way, is contained in the air by 15% more than usual? Just resting on the shores of the Dead Sea, the whole body is saturated with oxygen, blood supply, the work of all internal organs and general well-being improve, the nervous system and immunity are strengthened.



Israeli clinics and spa hotels on the Dead Sea are considered some of the best in the world. They are chosen by Americans, Europeans, and Russians. Thanks to the mild climate, the latest medical technologies, affordable prices, quality service, and unique natural factors, Israel enjoys special love among vacationers.