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The history of the Jewish people goes back thousands of years. It includes unique locations, famous events, and many legends. It will take years to learn and understand everything. that's why we prepared a vacation route in Israel with the best sites to visit.


Here and now you can get acquainted with the list of the most important places and memos. This list is unique in that all of its items can be completed during one vacation in Israel. In just a few tours in Israel with a driver you will learn the compulsory lessons of the Jews, understand in what cases you need weapons, and how you can harvest 2 crops in the desert in a year.

Well, as for Middle Eastern entertainment, the private Israel tours will surprise you!



1. Old city in Jerusalem


Wailing Wall or the Kotel! the walls have seen all sorts of notes! people ask for academic success, health and mutual love, world peace, and prosperity. Since ancient times, the names of the weak and suffering have been engraved on their stones, and they sacredly believed in the miracle of healing. Nothing has changed today.

Do you want to get into the very essence? You will have to go down into the underground tunnels of the western wall - this is the bottom part of the Western Wall, the shrine of the Jerusalem Temple. For Muslims, the Temple Mount is also a sacred place. The sparkling of the golden Dome of the Rock, the rise of Al-Aqsa, the atmosphere of the cradle of the Christian faith! Contemplation of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher cannot be replaced by anything! It is not without reason that pilgrims have been bowing to these places for two millennia.


2. Gethsemane miracles


The modest garden in the Kidron valley is breathtaking. Church of All Nations! After all, it was in her that Jesus prayed on the night of his arrest! Touch the olives, and immerge into the events of 2 thousand years ago! The Mount of Olives is a continuous reminder of evangelical events! At the foot of the mountain, there is the Tomb of the Virgin with a noble cave church. The Grotto of Gethsemane is where the bloody sweat of Christ dripped onto the stone and melted it. And if you go higher up the mountain, then the temple of Mary Magdalene will appear before your eyes. This is a Russian Orthodox Church, where the icons are painted by V. Vereshchagin and S. Ivanov.

Israel is a small country, so the distances are modest. Tourists from Eilat will get to Safed in less than 5 hours. This is if by sightseeing transport. And if by a private car with a driver with excellent roads, even faster. Besides, renting a vehicle is not a problem! In a couple of weeks, you can enjoy all the legendary corners of the country.


3. Israel in museum exhibits


The vacation route is not only churches and sights, Half a million exhibits in one museum! A huge collection of archaeological finds, ethnographic objects, masterpieces of Jewish creators! All this is about the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. The Billy Rose Art Garden, where the sculptures of Picasso and Rodin tower, is not a miracle! And the scrolls that have the name Qumran manuscripts! These are the most ancient texts from the Bible that have come down to us. From the Model of the Second Temple, one can understand the greatness of Jerusalem of the first century B.C.


4. Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial


Want to visit the largest Holocaust museum? Then you need to visit the National Memorial of Catastrophe and Heroism, which is in Jerusalem on the Mount of Remembrance. Shock is inevitable here! Yes, without it, it is impossible to understand true Israel, all the strength of the brave Jewish people, all the depth of its memory. You can freely enter the memorial with children above 10. However, there are halls, such as the Children's Memorial, which not every adult can withstand.


5. Ancient Jaffa and modern Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv, what an amazing city! Every day it increases the status of the business capital, which is famous for its Mediterranean delights. And whatever you are striving for, for the mystery of old Jaffa, or maybe for secular Telavivs, museum treasures, or relaxing on the beach, the business capital of Israel will give you all this. And the Opera House and its unforgettable evenings, and nights in secret bars and secret entertainment - there will definitely be no disappointment!


6. Caesarea is a national pride!


If you take a private driver in Israel to the north for almost fifty kilometers, then on the coast it is easy to find a protected place, a park of national importance- Caesarea. The city on this place, with a powerful murk, was erected during the time of King Herod. It was before the new era, in the fourth century. What is noteworthy: even in our time, you can understand what kind of ancient Caesarea was.

The Roman amphitheater, the ruins of the Palace on the reef, as well as the aqueduct from the second century, and the hippodrome will tell about this. The atmosphere is betrayed by statues and baths of the Byzantine era, and the remains of a crusader settlement that were here from the 12th to the 13th century are impressive. You can still find here archaeologists conducting excavations because Caesarea probably has unexplored secrets. It is important to visit Caesarea Aqueduct Beach, which is the most famous beach in Israel. Recreation and history are so close here!


7. The beauty of the Bahai Gardens!


It's in Haifa. Yes, these are the same hanging gardens that are nominated as the 8th wonder of the world. This is a holy place for pilgrims, devotees of Baha'ism. Green terraces, there are 19 of them, they flow from the Temple of Bab itself right along with the Carmel, more precisely along its slope, to the sea itself. The majestic central staircase is nothing more than The Way of the Kings! The belief of the Baha'is is unwavering that all the rulers of states will one day climb this ladder to this temple and finally sign eternal peace. Maybe that's why harmony is already being maintained here. It is forbidden to make noise, drink, and eat at the facility. Anyone can enter the gardens, access is not limited. It is better if you are dressed modestly. As for the tomb of the Bab, they enter it exclusively for pilgrims.


8. Visit the Druze


Mysterious Druze Communities. Their rituals and sacred texts are mysterious secrets. It is known for certain that they communicate in the language of the Arabs, they firmly believe that transmigration of souls exists, and they wear pants of a specific cut. But, the secret ideology does not prevent them from being affable and friendly. In modern Israel, there are approximately 120,000 Druze. Many of them inhabit the Golan Heights themselves. The status of the largest Druze settlement was given to a village named Daliyat el-Carmel. Its location is the center of the National Park on Mount Carmel. If you miss the local oriental bazaar, where they taste the famous Druze pita, then consider that you know nothing about the Druze. This tortilla with goat cheese has a special flavor, and za'atar is a spice that gives it a piquancy.


9. Homeland of Jesus


Galilee, Nazareth, Kinneret are the native places of Jesus. The holy cities - Safed and Tiberias - are two of the four shrines. They are on a par with Jerusalem and Hebron. Here you can be sure of the correctness of the description of the earth that flows with honey and milk. Galilee will prove it with aromatic cheeses, natural yogurts that come from the dairy farm of Kibbutz Shomrat. Unrivaled cakes with honey from the Ophir-Alon apiary are a real miracle! Drink a glass of wine in those places where Christ simply obtained it from water.


10. Soak up the waves!


This is, of course, about the Dead Sea! If you don't want to bask, then read a page or two of your favorite novel while lying down, no, not on the couch, but just on the waves! And what dirt! It is worth rolling in it, and health will definitely be added! The central resort here is Ein Bokek, which is near the Ein Gedi nature reserve and the famous Masada fortress. These places are notable for the fact that Mount Sodom is nearby, and you can admire the Qumran National Park at the same time. It is not advised to postpone the arrival to these places: the sea is rapidly and significantly shallowing - a meter a year!


11. Masada is a real Pearl!


A rock five hundred meters high in the middle of the desert, and at the top is an ancient fortress. It is with this place that the greatest history of courage, the true love of freedom of the people of Israel is associated. At the dawn of a new era, Masada acted as the last stronghold of the rebellious Jews to fight the Romans. The siege lasted three long years. Despite the strength of the enemy, in order not to be captured, the defenders of this fortress did not surrender to slavery. They remained forever in the burning Masada. It is a story of heroism that is admired to this day. The preserved scenery of the history itself looks exciting - the Northern Palace of Herod in three tiers, mosaics on the floor of the bath and wall frescoes, water tanks right in the rocks. It is now the place where the defenders of the country are sworn in.


12. Phenomenon in geology


Here you can find out what an erosion crater is, moreover, the largest in world practice. It's about Makhtesh Ramon. It is not related to volcanoes or meteorites. The local basin is almost 200 million years old. And its creators are rain and wind. Their statue stretches for 40 kilometers in length and diverges in width by 2, or even 10 kilometers. The depth of Makhtesh is five hundred meters. After all, Ramon looks like a heart, elongated in length - probably from a fast-beating! And Mitspe Ramon is full of impressions. Visit the Visitor Center, the observation deck, and the observatory.


13. It is impossible without Eilat!


This is a paradise for holidaymakers during a vacation in Israel. Here they rest from historical and religious places, comprehend the impressions received. There is never a day in Eilat without sun, so the beach holiday season is all year round. Yes, even in winter, the Red Sea water remains +25 degrees. So why not swim with dolphins, sunbathe, diving or surfing. Well, without exploring the underwater world, just don't leave Eilat! Go to the observatory!


14. Israel in miniatures


The mini Israel park, In such a park you can see everything at once! This is all Israel, only small! It is for those who are strained over time, and for those who want to see everything at once! A whole mini-country! Scenic area Latrun, by the way, with Tel Aviv next to and Jerusalem next. What is this park? Four hundred models, mind you, very accurate, Israeli memorials in size with a scale of 1 to 25. The Star of David from the paths, 6 triangles are the regions of the country. Furthermore: 25 thousand inhabitants on display, 15 thousand trees, a lot of cars. Everything lives here, and at the moment of sunset, small windows begin to glow.




We hope you enjoyed our rundown, pick your preferred vacation route in Israel and stay exploring and learning!



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