Visit The Wineries In The Golan Heights With A Private Driver

The perfect wine tour to the Golan Heights Wineries with a private driver in Israel


 Wineries in the Golan Heights with a driver in Israel

Love wine and don't want to drive? It turns out you don't have to go to France or Italy to enjoy a wine trip. You can do it in Golan with a professional driver! What is special about each winery, where you can drink wine, enjoy the view of the plateau and combine a walk in the area? read this list that will make your trip to the north of Israel with a driver perfect!

Even if you are not connoisseurs of wine and do not know at what angle it is recommended to hold the wine glass to check its color or what astringency is, you can enjoy visiting, sightseeing, and tasting wine in the visitor centers of wineries in the Golan Heights while using professional chauffeur services without worrying about your way back.


The wine revolution in the country began about 35 years ago, then the “Golan Heights Winery” realized the advantage of the region. Here, three conditions are met, which allow the very high-quality grape growing and high – quality wine production-deep basalt soil rich in Clay, High Altitude, and climate in which there are large temperature differences between day and night. Today, about 18 wineries of various sizes can be found in the Golan Heights, some boutique wineries, and even those that raised Israel on the global wine map.




1. Bahat Winery


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Ofer Bahat managed to realize an old dream-to produce his own wine. The beginning was modest and simple-in barrels and buckets in the warehouse near the house, but the investment paid off and in 2007 the alabaster winery, a family boutique winery, was opened, and next to it is a visitor center with a wine tasting bar featuring red wines, liqueurs, and dessert wines.

The center offers activities for both large and small. Adults are invited to get acquainted with the wine process that includes a visit to the barrel room and a distillery alongside tasting 7-8 types of wine and liqueurs with the possibility of adding cheeses plus a fee. Children are invited to an alcohol-free wine workshop, which includes a guided tour of the winery and the preparation of a personal bottle of wine. In the vintage season, you can also visit the vineyards near the winery. More on-site – a boutique store selling cheeses, wines, liqueurs, and delicacies made by the Golan Heights and surrounding areas and accessories and related equipment for wine.


Where is the winery?: Kibbutz Ein Zivan

Operating hours: Sunday-Thursday, 10:00-18:00, Friday and holiday evenings, 10:00-16:00, Saturday closed, winter closed an hour earlier
Cost of the tour: from 15 ₪ per person, children's workshop: 35 ₪ per child (the workshop is suitable for children over 5 years old coordination of visiting by phone 072-216-0684

Where to travel with your driver in the area?

If you have already reached such a height, climb with your driver in Israel a little further to mount Bentel, which is 1,164 meters above sea level. Here you are waiting for an impressive observation deck, a cafe, and a reconstructed IDF station with an automatic information stand. If you have power, you can go down from the top of the mountain towards a water reservoir in Burden.


2. Edom Mountain Winery


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In the north of the Golan Heights, at an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level, is the Edom Mountain Winery. This is a family winery, which started its way in the family home and currently produces wines at 3 quality levels - the flagship wine "also“, Reserve Wines series” Edom Mountain" and volcanic series, and also - dessert wines. The Grapes of the winery grow in several vineyards in the north of the Golan Heights and the Galilee mountains. After vintage wines undergo a process of cold and slow fermentation in stainless steel containers and later the wine goes to sleep in French oak barrels.

Want to hear firsthand about the establishment of the winery, central figures, and the process of making wine? In the center, visitors will be happy to tell you everything. Choose from several delicious menus of different levels of aging, including special wines, which you will not find in all stores. If you are lucky and arrived on the day when production processes take place, you can see them through a panoramic window. Looking to bite something near? There are also cheeses here. If you are planning a visit to a group of at least 10 people, you can also add meals by appointment.

Where is the winery?: Odem VIllage
Operating hours: Sunday-Thursday, 10:00-17:00, Friday and holiday evenings, 10:00 until an hour before the Sabbath/holiday, Saturday and holiday is closed
Cost: Entrance to the visitor center is free, tasting: 25-110 ₪ per person
phone 073-782-4258

Where to travel with your driver in the area?

In the nearby Ruby forest, you are waiting for an oak forest that is fraught with a special volcanic phenomenon – the great Juba – a volcanic crater, around which an impressive observation deck, a short circular trip, and even flowering-for travelers in winter and spring.


3. Pelter Winery


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The story of the pelter winery begins with the return of Tal pelter from Australia, where he studied winemaking and viticulture and decided to copy this magic to one of the highest points in Israel. The peculiarity of Winery wines is the combination of the same grape variety from vineyards located in the north of the Golan Heights along with those from the Upper Galilee, the Jerusalem mountains, and the Ramon Observatory. What wines will you find here? White wines, red wines, and unusual wines, such as the winery's flagship wine, produced only in elite vintage years and combines four varieties of wine.

The winery also has a boutique distillery, which operates with the traditional method of fast steam condensation, manually and in small quantities. Their distillates bring a new interpretation to Arak, whiskey, and familiar gin, thanks to the use of local raw materials such as Pink Lady apples, grapes, and Majhoul dates, with them they create alcoholic beverages such as date brandy or apples.

The pelter winery's visitor center is located in the production hangar, close to the stainless steel containers, with Bocher counters with bar stools and a wine list around you. What does the visit include? A tour of the winery and distillery, tasting distillates and wine, which can be combined at an additional cost with goat cheeses, pieces of bread, and olive oil – all homemade or even with a pre-ordered meal. This weekend in the summer months you can also enjoy focaccia and salads served on site. If you plan to come to the area in the evening, it is recommended to check in advance on their Facebook page about special chef evenings that are held on the spot.

Where is the winery?: Kibbutz Ein Zivan

Operating hours: Sunday-Thursday, 10:00-17: 00, Friday – Saturday, 10:00-16:00
Cost of the tour: group up to 8 people: no cost, group over 8 people: 75 ₪ (including tour and wine tasting and distillates)
Notes: kosher winery
phone at 073-782-4232

A short ride of less than a quarter of an hour (about 12 km) will lead you to the beginning of the ridge route in a second. Here you will find a route that fits all year round, which begins at the top of a strong mountain, passes through an oak forest, and ends with the remains of a Cherkasy village located near a spring. In autumn, you can also enjoy the flowering of yolks and vans along the route and in winter even from snow.


4. Ortal Winery


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In Kibbutz Ortal, between the vineyards and the foothills of Tel Rye, is the Ortal winery that produces boutique wines from Rossan grapes, and ionizer, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and cabernet franc – in self-cultivation.

The winery people who know each plot well in the vine will be happy to have you at the visitor center, where you will hear about the wine production process, taste at least 3 wines, savor the aromas, and view from the terrace of the winery all over the north of the Golan Heights. If you arrive as a group, by appointment you can even eat chef meals.

Where is the winery?: Kibbutz Ortal
Operating hours: all days of the Week, 10:00-16:00
Cost of the Tour: 25 ₪ per person (including sightseeing and tasting), children-free
Notes: non-kosher winery
phone 072-331-9699

Where to visit with a driver?

A series of 5 waterfalls in a rocky landscape is waiting for you in the ravine stream. The route passes through the colony of rock rabbits, which do not shy away from humans, so there is a chance that you will meet with them.


5. Asaf Winery


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In the heart of the vineyards in the Golan Heights, inside an old Syrian basalt building, which underwent a renovation, is the Asaf Winery, which is part of the Kedem wine Village complex, which also includes guest cabins and Adika Cafe. Kedem collected the grapes himself in 6 plots, each of which has its own character and goes through a manual axis and a separate fermentation process to preserve its unique properties.

A visit to the visitor center with private transportation is most often carried out accompanied by one of the family members and in small groups – for the maintenance of intimacy. When you get to the tasting room you can taste white and red wines from grape varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Shiraz, Pinotage, Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, and Pinot Gery.

Where is the winery?: Route 91, opposite the entrance to the Gilabon River
Operating hours: Monday – Saturday, 10:00-17:00, Friday, 10:00-16:00, Sunday-closed
Cost of tasting: from 30 ₪ per person (4-5 wines)
Bottle Price: 90-255 ₪
Notes: non-kosher winery
phone 073-782-3523

Where to travel with your driver?

A wonderful trip on hot summer days, but not only, begins in the Gialbon stream with a circular route of about 3 km which includes 2 waterfalls. In any case, it is recommended to stock up on swimsuits to enter the water pools that the waterfalls create and in shoes for walking in the water.


6. Basalt Heights Winery


private trip with a driver to the golan heights in israel


At the entrance to the moshav Kedmat Zvi, near the eucalyptus grove and the source of water spouting and overlooking the sea of Galilee, is the first boutique winery of the Golan Heights - basalt Heights Winery. At the beginning of the winery he produced only cabernet sauvignon wines, later Merlot and Mevtsir 2008 were added white wines. Also, the winery produces Grappa in 3 flavors. Grapes grow in 2 different areas, one at an altitude of about 500 meters above sea level, and the other at 900 meters above sea level.

The wine you will taste here accompanied by Golan cheeses, accompanied by the appearance of the aged barrels, which are adjacent to a wide glass retraining table. During the tasting, you will receive guidance accompanied by a video about the winery.

Where in the winery?: Kedmat Tzvi
Operating hours: Sunday-Thursday, 8:00-18:00, Friday and holiday evenings, 8: 00-15: 00 or two hours before Saturday / holiday entry
Cost of the Tour: 25 ₪ (including a tasting of 4-6 types of wine), cheese plate: 70 ₪
Bottle Price: from 125 ₪
Notes: kosher winery from 2004
phone 072-330-8114

Where to visit with a driver?

A spectacular view of the waterfall from the cliff above the pool – on winter days and to this add bathing in the cool water on hot summer days – all this awaits you in the engagement pool, where the engagement waterfall is located.


7. The Golan Heights Winery


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The entrance to the visitor center of the Golan Heights Winery passes through the winery garden. The complex is large and spacious and also has a wine shop, featuring sparkling wines, white and red wines, and dessert wines of different levels. Wines are made from grapes that grow in 24 vineyards, scattered in the Golan heights of 400-1,200 meters above sea level so that each plot and area get their own special character. In total, the winery produces wines from 22 grape varieties, among them: Pinot Noir, Syrah, Chardonnay, Malbec, and cabernet franc, so the assortment is very large.

The venue offers a variety of tours, from the classic visit that includes guidance on the wine production process, a visit to the barrel hall and wine tasting, through a tour with personal accommodation in the VIP room, a vineyard tour on the ground to a comprehensive tour that includes a reception in the winery garden, a wine menu and a rich meal

Where is the winery?: Wine Road 4, A.A. Katzrin

Operating hours: Sunday, 8:30-17:30, Monday – Thursday, 8:30-18:30, Friday and holiday evenings, 8:30-15:00 Summer Time to 14 wintertimes, closed on Saturdays, Israel holidays, and memorial days
Cost of the tour: varies depending on the type of tour
Bottle Price: from 35 ₪
Notes: kosher winery
phone 073-782-4209


Where to travel with a driver?

In the wine country there are quite a few hiking trails with streams and waterfalls, so why don't you go to the hanging path that passes over Banias or the Hebrew name – Nahal Hermon? Here the water flows all year round, and in the winter days, you will witness tremendous intensity. At the end of the path awaits you the impressive Banias waterfall.


8. Terra Nova Winery


the Wineries in the Golan Heights with a driver

In the south of the Golan Heights, on a hill overlooking the sea of Galilee, Safed, and Hermon, is the Terra Nova winery that produces red wines only from Shiraz varieties, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and Sardinian, and liqueurs from the fruits they grow. Also, some varieties of olive oil and berry growers are produced here.

Where is the winery?: Kanaf Village
Operating hours: by appointment
Cost of the Tour: 25 ₪ (including a tasting of 2 wines and olive oil)
Bottle Price: wines: 90-120₪, liqueurs: 40 ₪
Notes: non-kosher winery
phone 072-330-7948

Where to travel with a driver?

If you're here, jump to Deir Aziz. Here you are waiting for a restored ancient synagogue, an observation deck for the beautiful view of the El Al River, and a spring with 3 artificial ponds, where you can splash your feet, and also a eucalyptus grove, which invites you to have a picnic at neat tables.


9. Chateau Golan Winery


driver in israel to the golan heights


In the south of the Golan Heights, in the courtyard that seems to have been taken from Tuscany, is the Chateau Golan winery that produces boutique wines from 10 grape varieties-cabernet sauvignon, syrah, grenache, sauvignon blanc merlot, Patty Verde, Touriga Nacional, moreover, Grenache Blanc and Roussanne – most of them self-growing. Here you will find contemporary wines alongside archive wines and limited edition wines. The winery combines traditional European methods with advanced technology, manual vintage, and all wines aged in oak barrels.

Want to learn about the wines a little more closely and see where the wine gets old in barrels? You can go on a tour that includes an explanation of the wine production process, the production hall, the containers, and the wine cellar and finish with a tasting of 4 types of wine. Cheeses and bread can be added at a surcharge and savored in the courtyard of the winery, where there are shady tables and a pastoral atmosphere.

Where is the winery?: Moshav Eliad
Operating hours: all days of the Week, 10:30-15:30, by appointment
Cost of the tour: 35 ₪ - offset by the purchase of a bottle of wine, pregnant women and children up to 18 without charge
Bottle Price: from NIS 100 to NIS 1,000 for wines aged from 2000
Notes: non-kosher winery
phone 072-330-8658

Where to travel with a driver?

One of the most beautiful routes in the region is in the El Al stream, which became famous for its two waterfalls – one black and the other white. If the weather allows – do not give up immersion in the pools under the waterfalls.




Israel stands with the world-leading counties in wine production, visiting the northern region of Israel for wine tasting will provide the perfect scenario, that way you can travel, during wines, and head back home without any stress! our drivers in Israel will take care of you so just give us a call and we will coordinate the rest!