Visit To Israel For Tourist Groups 5-30, Ministry Of Tourism Program





israel new pilot program for tourists



There is finally a breakthrough, and groups of tourists will return to visit Israel very soon!



After the State of Israel closed its doors to individual tourists and groups starting in March 2020, the new pilot program of the Ministry of Tourism promises to return the trips in Israel for tourists.


Groups of 5 to 30 tourists, start preparing for your visit to Israel very soon!



The pilot that allows organized groups of tourists to enter Israel will return to the activity starting on September 19. Tourists will be allowed to enter from countries marked in green and orange. After about a month - the entry of individual tourists or small groups will be considered


The Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health have agreed that the pilot that allows organized groups of tourists to enter Israel will return to activity in about two and a half weeks, starting on September 19. Tourists will be allowed to enter from countries marked in green and orange. In addition, tourists will be allowed to enter whose last vaccination does not exceed six months (similar to the requirement for returning Israelis). Also, tourists will be required as before for PCR tests 72 hours before and on arrival in addition to a quick serological test in the field.


The submission of applications in the existing pilot system of the Ministry of Tourism will open in the next two days.
At this stage, the entry of individual tourists or small groups of tourists will not be approved, but after a month in which the pilot will run, "the issue will be considered positively and following developments."


In an internal correspondence of members of the tourism industry, Yossi Fattal, CEO of the Inbound Tourism Bureau, wrote that "our opinion is uncomfortable with the current situation and the partial response that in practice does not allow for continuous work that also makes economic sense. The decision-making process regarding inbound tourism is flawed and illogical. "He also wrote that the efforts of Tourism Minister Yoel Rezbozov and the professional team led by Amir Halevi, the ministry's director-general, and Pini Shani, the ministry's deputy director, are commendable. During the day, the Minister and the professional team were in direct contact with us and we were updated on developments and efforts, and we are grateful to them for that and our sincere appreciation. "


The tourists who enter Israel are required to meet a variety of strict and expensive requirements, such as two PCR tests and a serological test after landing. In addition, the groups that will travel in Israel as part of the outline will have to meet strict conditions such as the use of "dedicated reception desks" in hotels and B & Bs, being in isolated dining complexes, and mobility using buses that will be used exclusively by group members. As part of the pilot that was stopped, only about 2,000 tourists entered Israel.


The entry of tourists to Israel will be like breathable air to the guides, tourism agents, and hotels that deal mainly with inbound tourism that have been completely silenced in the past year. But the introduction of tourist groups is not the last step in helping the inbound tourism industry - and assuming the morbidity figures remain low then the Ministry of Tourism will seek to promote the entry of individual tourists, a different target audience consisting of independent travelers, businessmen, backpackers, and families. The lone tourists support various businesses from the group of tourists, including boutique hotels, hostels, Airbnb renters, small restaurants, and more.





We were anticipating a program from the Ministry of Health, and today we are ready to receive tourist groups ranging from 5 to 30 people. As an official agent of the Ministry of Tourism, we have all of the necessary tools to carry out the entire process and welcome you to Israel.


To arrive in Israel, the necessary vaccinations must be performed (2 doses in the last six months or a booster dose in the last 6 months), a 72-hour check-up before boarding the plane, and all other approvals will be handled by our company. We will ask you to submit passport photos And book a private tour guide in Israel who will accompany you.

After we receive all the paperwork, we can apply to the Ministry of Tourism no later than 15 days before you arrived in Israel.

Unlike agencies that charge $ 50 to $ 100 handling fees for the application processing, we perform the process for free even if you are unable to visit Israel, we believe it is necessary to provide the service to everyone and give everyone an equal chance.

Our only condition is very simple, ordering transportation in Israel will be done through us, and also order a guide in Israel, everything else will be handled by us free of charge.


The new program is great for families planning a vacation in Israel or for small groups of friends or business people.

The near future is great for tourism as hotel prices are at a low and you can get a hotel at a very surprising price, the tourist sites are empty as well as the restaurants ... an opportunity like this will never happen again!

So what are you waiting for, if you are a group of 5 people or more and want to visit Israel, contact us today and we will take care of the rest!