Wet sherbet in Golan: 5 great springs that are on the same road

Wet sherbet in Golan: 5 great springs that are on the same road 

OTTO transportation services in Israel are always looking for new routes for our clients and this time, secret springs!

By the end of the hot week, we're looking for it, we've got five springs in the Golan. Everyone is free, everyone is close to the car and everyone is next to the same road! take a car with a driver and hit the road!!!

More pampering than that?

 Check our rundown of amazing springs that you can visit with a driver in Israel!

Every time the weather forecast cries out for a "heavy heat load", there are those whose eyes are ignited. These are of course not masochists, but spring hunters.

And if the word "hunters "is great on you," buffs " will also suit the matter. OTTO transportation services in Israel have prepared for you a winning spring track in Golan, with some obvious advantages: everything is free, everything is a short distance from the vehicle and everything is on Route 98. And just in order for you to be really comfortable, even this list is arranged from south to north. That order should be. Just come-and dip in the good water and leave us the driving in Israel.

1.The spring at the peace Observatory(MIZPE SHALOM): ultimate hiding in front of the landscape

This spring has a striking advantage: the landscape. Therefore, forgive him if he is not quite deep. Because the view there really blows your mind: the entire sea of Galilee down there, and in the background-the Galilee mountains, the Jordan Valley, the Naftali mountains, etc.

The spring, all wrapped up in a thicket that hides it from those who are not looking for it, is at the beginning of a charming hiking trail named "the path of the orchard". It is a short and easy path that descends from the peace Observatory near the village of carob, which is considered one of the most beautiful landscape observations in the north of the country. That's right.

The spring is not too large and not too deep, but it is incredibly pastoral. Behind it, there is a corner of slobbering, also hidden in the thickets. In short, a great place to hide from the world.

Reach: from Route 98, a few hundred meters south of the village of carob, turn west according to the signs of the peace Observatory. From the observation deck, a metal staircase descends to the walkway with black marking, and in a few minutes, a spring arrives.

By using a driver in Israel you can skip the headache and just enjoy your day.

2.Ein aya: the geography of baptism

The eye of the island is also dipped in an impressive view that is difficult until it is impossible to cut off the view from it, but this is a completely different view from the view of the previous spring, adjacent to it. The reason: here the look is towards the East.

And due to its location, in the south of the Golan Heights, one can expect from the spring to their expanses three countries: Jordan, Syria, and Israel, of course. Here, both immersion and practical lessons in geography.

Near the kibbutz Strait, one of the cute springs that you have met for a long time is waiting for you, next to a thicket of greenery and a multi-branched old Jujube tree that gives good shade. It is named after Sergeant Elon Yakov Horowitz.

The depth of the water is about a meter and a little, and the water is poured from the concrete pond into a smaller reservoir, next to which cute frogs sing. Nice peace. Someone even made an iron sign on which the "sitting area" was written, next to a blue arrow. Follow the arrow, and you will discover a beautiful tiny jungle of tangled bushes.

Reach: from Route 98 turn east towards Kibbutz Strait. Do not enter the kibbutz but continue on the road slightly disrupted. From here we drive according to the signs to the spring (it is recommended to run Waze or using a professional driver in Israel, so as not to get confused in the agricultural ways). The end of the road is disrupted, but offense (carefully) to any vehicle.

3.Ein pick: the secret spring (which everyone knows)

On a weekday, he looks like the most secret spring there is one that was discovered only yesterday. But on weekends, you won't be here alone. Absolutely not. On the other hand, so beautiful there, that even when there is a load, everyone is nice to each other. That's what springs do to humans.

Here, near Kibbutz pick, the small spring offers a paradise style view, when a dense green thicket surrounds everything, so that even the sun's Rays find it difficult to reach the good water. Between baptism and baptism, one can sit next to the spring and babble with strangers, or grab a corner in the jungle space surrounding it. OTTO transportation services in Israel have already said there is a place for everyone.

Get to: from Route 98, south of the bus junction, turn west according to the signs to the spring.

4.Guest pool (Jodar): what is good for the Syrian officers


It is impossible to talk about Springs in Golan without mentioning the phrase "officer's pool". A guest pool is a classic officer's pool: large enough to accommodate a few washes, but small enough to be hidden and embedded in the landscape.

By the pool-the depth of its waters reaches about 1.5 meters - there are lots of nice picnic areas and a pleasant shadow that surrounds you with the courtesy of eucalyptus trees. And if you're a little crowded, you're welcome to explore the surroundings, where ancient Tal Shashi, the remains of Khan mamluks, and other intriguing corners that are fun to explore.

Get to: from Route 98, about eight kilometers north of the seat trays, according to the signs turning to a dirt road. The road is foul for any vehicle, but it must be moved slowly and carefully, we recommend using a driver in Israel to avoid any difficulties.

5.Mine eye(EIN MOKESH): jumping into the mighty pit

When was the last time you were baptized inside... Pit?OTTO transportation services in Israel offers another great option, The spring pond of the eye of a mine tends to surprise those who visit it for the first time. The nearby spring is natural, but the artificial pond fed by it is designed as a huge well, whose diameter is close to ten meters. The pool is built of basalt rocks, and to descend into the water there are those who jump, and there are those who choose a more solid option: using a spiral stone staircase. The artificial long ago did not look so natural.
In any case, consider that here there is no drop of shadow, so it's worth preparing for this mentally. In addition, the water is deep, and if you came with small children - look after them well.

And further, it is worth knowing that the minesweeper eye won its name due to the minefields that surround it. Today, a marked and safe road leads the spring, but be sure of course to stay on the marked path only.

Reach: from Route 98, about one and a half kilometers east of the Zivan junction. There are signage and parking. From here walk a few minutes on foot to the road and reach the destination.




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