What Are The Best Beaches In Israel To Visit On A Vacation


Israeli beaches? you are about to explore the best beaches in the world!

The tourist season is gaining momentum, so it's time to talk about a beach holiday in Israel. Most of all Israeli beaches are located on the Mediterranean coast, and on the eve of the holiday season, we decided to tell our guests and residents of Israel were the cleanest sand, the clearest water, and the most tanned lifeguards are :)




Best beaches in Tel Aviv

A rare person has not heard of the Tel Aviv promenade and the beaches along which it stretches for 14 km. The southernmost beach "Aviv" is famous for its comfort and will be attractive for all those who like to jump on the waves. Do not be alarmed if you see an Arab man surrounded by completely closed ladies frolicking in the sea. Most likely, with one eye he will watch his 10 wives, and with the other, he will enjoy the view of tourists in a bikini.

"Jerusalem Beach" or "Allenby Beach" is a favorite place for tourists and is located next to the New Opera. Beach sports lovers have long chosen "Bugrashov Beach" and "Frishman Beach" - the centers of beach volleyball, football, and market. The most famous beach in Tel Aviv - "Gordon Beach" - the only one included in the world's top 10. A very clean and well-groomed beach with white sand has long come to the taste of both tourists and Israelis. If there is someone among you who does not really like getting dirty on the sand, or prefers a pool to the sea, or is simply looking for a quieter place, then Gordon is a perfect choice. It is here, on the seashore, that the pool is located, where you can also soak up the hot sun, breathe in the sea air, but a more comfortable environment.

Perhaps only in Tel Aviv, there is a special beach for our four-legged friends, where everyone can bring their pet both for water sports procedures or for simple communication with fellows.

As in any other city in our country, there is a religious beach in Tel Aviv, the opening hours of which are divided into men's and women's days.

In Israel, they are very tolerant of gays, so all those who are not very disposed to the representative of the rainbow nation should avoid the not large but very cozy Hilton beach. Perhaps this is the only place in our country where the girls will not be given due attention, they will not be invited to drink a cup or two, and they will not shower them with compliments ;-)

Closing the coastal line is the "Metzitsim Beach", which many call “Sheraton.” A lovely beach with pleasant people and a light atmosphere.

On the beaches of Tel - Aviv, as well as on all other beaches of our country, all the benefits for a civilized holiday operate. Showers, toilets, and drinking fountains are, as always, absolutely free.

Tel Aviv Promenade is not only 14 km of gorgeous beaches, but also 14 km of endless cafes, restaurants, and shops, open even on Saturday. Just imagine... A colorful sunset, a cafe, sand under your feet, a mojito .... What could be better for a serene relaxation ?!




best beaches in netanya

Nowhere in Israel is there such a sea as in Netanya: 13.5 kilometers of the country's most beautiful beaches stretch from north to south. And from the high embankments, there is a magnificent view of the transparent turquoise waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

Netanya offers vacationers beaches for every taste: from strict religious, separated by a fence from everyone else to youth, with night discos and bars. Here you can relax all day: play market, have a bite to eat in one of the countless cafes offering cuisines from all over the world, go surfing or paragliding, which has long become a symbol of the resort of Netanya.

All official beaches in Israel are equipped with free showers, toilets, and changing rooms, but you will be asked to pay for sun loungers, chairs, and umbrellas. Entrance by car to "Poleg and Sironit Beaches" is paid




herzeliya beaches israel

The city of Herzliya Pituach is considered the "Silicon Valley" of Israel. There is a wonderful beach here, framed by a chic promenade with many hotels and restaurants, an elite private hospital, as well as one of the most beautiful yacht clubs in the country.

There are not only public beaches under the watchful eye of pumped-up lifeguards who are ready to demonstrate their tan and muscles but also wild ones - for those who like to “swim away” and who want to go underwater hunting.

Due to the peculiarities of the relief, the Beaches of Herzliya Pituach are located at different heights, but, like in Netanya, there is a special elevator that takes you down from the embankment directly to the beach. This is especially convenient for cyclists, the elderly, and for everyone returning home after an active beach holiday.




Akhziv beach nahariya israel

For those who don't know: Nahariya is considered one of the most beautiful and promising resorts in Israel. The city is spread over a flat area just nine kilometers from the country's northern border (border with Lebanon).

The most important beach in the city is "Achziv Beach". But from April to September, the entrance to the beach is paid. The local landscape can charm anyone: this beach is small, narrow, wild; on its shore, there are two small lagoons, similar to baths, in which crayfish and fish live, and in September the cormorants arrive.

The sea here is, of course, the cleanest! No wonder "Achziv" has repeatedly received the highest quality marks and the honorary title of the best beach in the north of Israel. But, frankly, it's boring here. Swaying on the waves and diving will not work: too shallow. The beaches "Akhziv" and "Galei Gil" are not entirely youthful places. The main contingent is children and pensioners. In the summer, the sea is more like an open-air pool: the swimming area is fenced off with plastic dividing paths, and the swimmers swim in rubber caps and look for "Yashchu, who sailed to Odessa"))




beaches of haifa

One of the most famous beaches in Haifa is Hof HaCarmel Beach. It is famous for its coastal cafe Kamel, which has been delighting its visitors for over 20 years. The beach is conveniently located and accessible to both Haifa residents and city guests. The central bus station "Hof-a-Carmel" and the railway station of the same name are very close, which means that you can always quickly and comfortably get here from anywhere in the country. Hof HaCarmel beach is perfect for vacationers with children: it is equipped with modern, safe playgrounds for children, which will certainly appeal to little fidgets.

The most important beach in Haifa, Bat Galim, is located on the bay and has breakwaters, so the sea is usually calm here. But lovers of a quiet and relaxing holiday will hardly like this beach: there are always a lot of tourists (including children) who create a lot of noise.

Wild beaches in Israel are more suitable for those who like to retire and enjoy nature. Of course, there is no infrastructure and the sea is not so calm, but it is an ideal place for fans of surfing and other water sports, as well as for those who want to relax in the bosom of nature, away from the crowds.

And, of course, one cannot but tell about the beach "Hof Hashaket", which means "quiet beach" in Hebrew. And it fully lives up to its name! But we hasten to warn you that this is a separate beach, where men and women rest on the appropriate days, according to the established schedule. Women can visit it on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and men on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Swimming is permitted on Saturdays and holidays.




beches of bat yam israel

Regarding Bat Yam, views differ: someone says that these are the best beaches in Israel, someone is not happy with the abundance of Russian-speaking visitors here. Therefore, we definitely recommend that you visit the local beaches in person and make your own opinion)

The "Sela Beach" is considered one of the best and is suitable for families with children since in addition to the standard set of lifeguards, cafes, showers, and toilets, there is a breakwater here, which makes this place doubly safe.

The "Shanti" and "Jerusalem" beaches in Bat Yam live up to their names and are indeed worthy examples of beaches in Israel. They are equipped with everything you need for a relaxing stay. But when going to Marina, do not forget to take water with you and have something to eat, because there are no restaurants on this beach.

And, of course, "Separate" - a religious beach. For women, it is open on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday; for men - on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.




luxurious beaches of israel

Caesarea is one of the best and, one might say, elite places in Israel. The sea here is one of the attractions of the resort, and the beaches are some of the most beautiful in Israel.

The Caesarea coastline is a mixture of history and modernity. An ancient Roman aqueduct is located right on the beach, thanks to which water was supplied to the city during the reign of King Herod.

The water in the sea always pleases with its purity, as the current constantly renews the water, and the breakwaters (traces of ancient buildings) make the sea calm and pleasant for swimming. The beach in Caesarea is sandy and clean and is cleaned daily.

In addition to the free beach, the local paid beach is also very popular. At the entrance, there are sunbeds and awnings. Admission to the beach is free in the evening and from November to March.

It is worth visiting Caesarea and "Sdot Yam" - one of the most beautiful beaches in Israel. It is located in a private cove overlooking the ancient ruins of Caesarea. Another well-groomed beach is Harbor. Here vacationers are waiting for all the amenities: a parking lot, lifeguard services, a first-aid post, changing rooms, a bar, recreation areas, and much more.

I would like to note that prices in local cafes and restaurants cannot be called democratic, but cuisines from different countries of the world are presented here, so you will definitely find something to your taste. In the evenings, especially on weekends, there is a variety of entertainment events, including live jazz concerts. And what could be better than a glass of wine, a bright Mediterranean sunset, and live music on the beach!

If you are planning your budget carefully and looking to relax on the free beach, do not forget that there will be no sun loungers, changing cabins, showers, or umbrellas. All there is on the free beach is a lifeguard ready to help you in case of an emergency.




ashdod beaches in israel

Ashdod can hardly be called a center of tourism, there are very few hotels here, but this did not affect the quality of the beaches and coastal zone. Local attractions include an artificial bay for yachts, which can accommodate up to 500 ships and is the largest in the Mediterranean. The tourist zone of Ashdod beaches with numerous cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, playgrounds with attractions for children stretches for 8 kilometers.

Among the beaches of Ashdod, famous for their golden sand, gentle descent to the water, and a wide coastal zone, it is worth highlighting the "Mei Amiyah", equipped with everything you need. Here you can play mini-football, volleyball, table tennis, and also roller-skate on a specially designated area. This beach even has a special bathing area for people with disabilities.

Lido Beach offers a restaurant and several shops. And the youth beach "Kshatot" is brightly lit even at night. Discos are held here all year round, and even on Saturday, everything is open. And between "Lido" and "Kshatot" there is a beach "Oranim" - an ideal place for a family vacation. However, be prepared for the fact that here you will not find the equipment necessary for the beach.

Pay attention to the opening hours of the beaches. In summer, most of them work from 8.00 to 19.00. In September, the opening hours are reduced by one hour. Of course, in Ashdod, as in many other cities of Israel, there is also a separate beach for the religious population, the time of visiting which is strictly differentiated between women and men.




the best beaches in israel

And at the end of our acquaintance with the Mediterranean beaches of Israel, we will stop at the southernmost point of the coast - Ashkelon.

Ashkelon Beach "Delilah", located south of the yacht club "Marina", is one of the five best beaches in Israel, second only to Tel Aviv's northern beach "Tsuk Tsafon", Netanya "Sironit" and Nagari "Achziv".

A little to the north of the yacht club is the new Bar Kokhba beach with lagoons, breakwaters, and decorative steps made of shrubs and flowers. A new walking area with a gorgeous sea view, gazebos, recreation areas, and playgrounds for games and sports runs along the beach.

We also note the beach of Ashkelon National Park: white sand, blue sea, and ancient ruins of the walls of the old city. A nice bonus - the entrance to the national park from the beach is free. This is the most beautiful park in Israel, a picturesque place that preserves evidence of past battles.



A couple of tips for tourists on how to make their vacation the least "wasteful":

1) If you plan on using beach umbrellas, it is best to purchase your own at one of the city's hardware stores. At a cost of about 30 shekels in a store, for rent on the beach for a few hours of pleasure, you will pay about 50 shekels. The same applies to tanning/tanning products, which are best purchased from supermarkets and pharmacies, rather than from kiosks on the beach.

2) Feel free to take bedding and blankets with you to the beach, it is quite convenient to sunbathe on them, because the sand in Israel is the softest. This will save you around NIS 25 per sun lounger.

3) When stocking up on water, remember that most beaches have drinking fountains where you can replenish your supplies absolutely free.

4) Forgot to bring your flip flops or swimsuit? The simplest flip flops ("Kafkafim" in Hebrew) can be bought for 10-15 shekels in the market, and swimwear for 40-50 shekels can be found in accessories stores in any canyon.

Have a great rest, friends, and remember about safety! When sunbathing, remember to drink as much water as possible and use sunscreen. The sun in Israel is the brightest, but not the safest. We hate to see you fall victim to sunstroke and severe burns. Do not forget that swimming at night and without the supervision of lifeguards is not only strictly prohibited (in Israel they are fined for this) but also very dangerous.




Israeli is a heaven when it comes to a great vacation, there are so many places to see and sites to visit, use our driver services to enjoy this fascinating country and don't forget to have a good time on the Israeli beaches.