Hello dear friends!

Those of you who have been to Israel more than once would certainly like to get acquainted with such corners of our country, where "the foot of a pioneer tourist has never gone before."

This is what we want to offer you using our private driver service in Israel, especially since there are a lot of opportunities, although much depends on the time of your stay in Israel and finances, of course.

We have built wonderful routes for you and invite you to see our amazing country, combining relaxation with the pleasure of discovering interesting facts about ancient and modern Israel.


1.North of Israel - You can go beyond the Sea of ​​Galilee with a private driver further towards the Syrian border, along the Golan Heights. Here is the famous city of Kabbalists - Safed with ancient oriental synagogues and art galleries. A little further - the most interesting park of Lake Hula, where you can look at migratory birds (we have a country of bird tourism). Further, already at the foot of Mount Hermon - waterfalls and ancient temples of Banias, where the Jordan River originates.

Here the concentration of large kibbutzim and truly magical beauty - here you will find a green, blooming Israel. You can climb Mount Bental (not on foot, of course) and see the territory of Syria. You can dine in one of the kibbutz restaurants, and in the evening go to the health complex - Hamat Gader with its five hot healing springs and a unique crocodile park. Here you can swim and relax.


So? Apparently, the north of Israel has more fantastic things to offer, and all you need to do is to book our private chauffeur service and travel!


2.Mediterranean Sea - Pearls of the Coast: Ancient Acre is the only surviving Crusader city and famous fish market. Haifa with one of the wonders of the world - the Bahai Gardens. The German Colony, a picturesque area of ​​Haifa, built in the middle of the 19th century by Protestant Germans, today is a popular tourist destination with small cafes where you can have a cup of coffee. Finally, the marble city of King Herod - Caesarea, the capital of the Roman procurators, has no analogs in the world, raised literally from the ground. You can end this day with a walk in the evening Tel Aviv (not in Jaffa, where you probably walked many times, namely in the center of the business capital). Dine on the coast (as they usually dine in Akko with fish). On a warm day, you can also swim in the Mediterranean Sea.


3.The south of Israel should be divided into two geographic areas. The first is the southeastern part closest to the center - the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea coast. Usually, people who have not visited our country for the first time managed to visit here. But in this part there are many interesting, rarely visited sights. You can start your day with a tour of several ancient monasteries. If you wish, go down into the monastery and visit one of the most picturesque sites in Israel - the monastery of George Hozevit in Wadi Kelt. In addition to this monastery, in the depths of the desert, there are also monasteries of the Monk Khariton, the Great Euphemia, the Mount of Temptation in the ancient city of Jericho.

Nearby is the "Hotel of the Good Samaritan" - an interesting museum of ancient mosaics, transferred here literally in parts from found Byzantine churches and synagogues. On the way, along the Dead Sea - Qumran (the ruins of the Essenes city of 2 thousand years ago, where in 1947 the greatest find of the 20th century was discovered - the sacred manuscripts of the Old Testament). After a few kilometers - the Ein Gedi oasis with century-old waterfalls. Near the kibbutz with a wonderful botanical garden in the dead desert. And, of course, the famous Masada fortress. The last stronghold of the Great Uprising of the Jews against Rome is a fortress built by the same King Herod. The fortress stands on an impregnable mountain, which can be reached by cablecar. From there, a breathtaking panorama of Jordan, the Dead Sea, the Moab Mountains - biblical landscapes opens up. And, of course, you can end the day by relaxing at sea. 


4.The second part of the south of Israel in the Negev Desert, remote from the center, (occupies about 60% of the country's territory). On an area of ​​12,000 km², there are amazing geological erosional craters. These deep oval depressions with smooth, steep edges are 300 meters deep, 8 kilometers wide, and 40 kilometers long. There are similar formations, for example, near Las Vegas. The main path of the Ancient East - the path of incense, also runs here, and along this path - the Nabatean cities.

The Nabateans are one of the most mysterious Semitic peoples. These, truly millionaires of antiquity, left to the world both irrigation agriculture in the desert, and the famous necropolis in Petra, and they also became one of the first peoples to adopt Christianity, although later they converted to Islam. Ancestors of modern Arabs. After visiting one of the ancient Nabatean cities (and there are three of them in the Negev), we can go to visit the Bedouins and drink the famous Bedouin coffee. Relax in the main men's tent for guests and off you go ... Then continue further south towards the Arava Desert, with the most advanced agriculture in the world. Here we can see the bell pepper plantations, a dairy farm, taste delicious dairy delicacies. We approach the Eilat Mountains and find ourselves almost in a fairy tale. Majestic, as if frozen nature. The red and black mountains of Eilat amaze the human imagination. Timna Park, the ancient copper mines of the time of King Solomon, the pagan temple in the rocks is no worse than the Nabatean Petra. We arrive in the southernmost city - the resort of Eilat. The Red Sea, underwater fish museum, ice shopping center. It is worth spending a few days in Eilat. Decent place to stay.


Dear friends. Of course, that's not all. There is also a trip to wineries, with the opportunity to enjoy the aroma of Israeli wines. Many archaeological parks. Many places in Jerusalem have not yet been explored. The peculiarity of building individual tours is flexibility. Any route is created depending on the wishes and real possibilities of the tourist. So, given this fact, we will more than once discuss the details of your fascinating trip to Israel.




Are you ready to give Israel another chance? book your private driver in Israel and find out more amazing places!