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Car with driver service in Israel

Car with driver service in Israel


Car with driver service in Israel - The solution to your perfect vacation in Israel!
You’re probably sitting at home and planning your perfect vacation in Israel, you are browsing through so many websites and thinking about how to plan your next step. The search can be frustrating since the web is full of different websites and so many tours and services that are not so relevant, so what is the solution?
Otto Transportation services in Israel are leading the way since we are a luxury car service company since 1990 in Israel with tons of experience, we will be able to provide you with the best transportation services and solutions.
Having your perfect visit to Israel depends on so many things, we cannot provide the best flight experience for you but we can provide the best car with a driver Service in Israel at your disposal, If you are reading this article you are automatically becoming our client and we guarantee to go the extra mile to make your visit, vacation or business trip in Israel memorable and efficient.
Otto Transportation services in Israel Know how different clients can be that’s why the owners of the company are very demanding towards the drivers and the staff to create the ultimate experience and the highest standard of services.
Once you send us your request our agent will contact you immediately to follow all your requests and needs to complete your reservation without further delay.
Otto Transportation services in Israel guarantee:
  • Professional chauffeurs English, Hebrew, Spanish or Russian speaking.
  • Licensed drivers with at least 15 years of experience.
  • Brand new cars with full license for the passengers and the luggage of the Ministry of transportation.
  • Our cars are owned by us and not leased or rented.
  • Bottled water, magazines, and Wi-Fi onboard.
  • 1-4 passengers vehicles
  • 1-7 passengers vehicles
  • 1-16 passengers vehicles

  • Available during COVID 19 period,2022
Experienced private drivers in Israel
Our drivers are very experienced in first aid and know how to give the proper service, it’s not obvious in Israel how to serve properly the client, Opening doors may be a cultural issue but not in otto transportation services in Israel.
The driver will be with you during your entire trip, and won’t be able to serve anyone else during your reservation.
We are here to meet your expectations from a to Z and Guarantee The full experience.
  • Politeness, a positive attitude, and punctuality are the basics(we always arrive 15 minutes before the start).
  • Formal dress code.
  • Knowledge about the country.
Booking the car with driver service in Israel is not only about driving you around but also using our services as your private helper for booking restaurants, activities, or hotels.
This addition is completely free and we will be happy to assist.
Experience Israel at its best
Israel is a fascinating place and has a lot to offer, before booking a car with driver service in Israel you can ask or get a bit of advice from our experienced team about your visit.
Adding a licensed tour guide to your trip may be an excellent idea, we recommend considering this option to upgrade your experience, check our recommendation,
Top locations and services:
  • Jerusalem-the old city or the new part, Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum, or the Mahane-Yehuda Market.
  • The Dead Sea and Masada, or a Spa in the desert.
  • Churches in Galilee.
  • Tel Aviv and Jaffa.
  • Business meetings.
  • Golan Heights.
  • Airport assistance.
  • Airport transfers.
And many more. 
So why waste your time and think about the right place to rent a car? or where to park it? how much time do you plan to dedicate from your precious vacation to a piece of metal instead of having a great moment with your family and friends...let us take care of you with our fantastic service! all you need to do is to sit back relax in the back seat and tell your driver where to go!
pick your desired location and the time and hit the road!!!
Ready for the ultimate experience in Israel?
Book our car with driver service in Israel to enjoy the ultimate experience in Israel.
There is no better way to see the country than with our unique service. Whether for leisure or work we will guarantee the perfect memories and service. 
Please feel free to contact us anytime whatever you plan to book with us or just have questions, We will be happy to assist.



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