Israel Driver Service

Driver service in Israel
Why should you book private driver services in Israel?
OK, you are planning your exciting trip to Israel and you set your plans, you probably know exactly what you want to do and which places to visit, perhaps you have some friends in Israel contacting you and waiting for you in Jerusalem or in Tel Aviv, everything sounds great and you are expecting your great journey to begin.
After landing in the Ben-Gurion airport you suddenly begin to understand that something is missing and maybe your trip won’t be smooth as you planned at home, luckily there is a great solution! Hiring a driver in Israel can definitely help you to overcome many challenges and leaving you plenty of time to be concentrated on your plans and your friends and family.
1. A private driver service gives you space and the time from your arrival moment so take your time and relax, don’t rush to find your driver in the arrivals hall thinking about the extra charge that you will need to add, Have your Diet Coke or your favorite sandwich and take it easy since your chauffeur will be waiting for you patiently.
2. Reaching your destination from the airport can be a headache especially if you plan to use the train since you have to wait and to be on time and then taking another taxi from the train station to your hotel, using a public bus or a shuttle crowded with people especially during post-pandemic times it’s not a pleasant experience, a private driver is the best option! he will treat you like a royal family member! You will be taken to the exact place in an air-conditioned car, bottled water onboard and you will be also able to skip the traffic.
3. Carrying your luggage or bags? Not at our school! This is your vacation and our duty to provide you the best and welcoming experience in Israel. that’s why your private driver will deal with your bags and you can step into your car and relax in the backseat.
4. This fantastic Driver in Israel service is not as expensive as people think, having your transfer from the airport to your destination will cost the same as a regular taxi and sometimes even cheaper!
Taking this fantastic service for a day can also be more affordable since you book the car for the day and using your driver will be much more personal than a taxi and less expensive by 20%. The biggest advantage of our service is providing you a brand new car and a great driver!
5. The cancellation policy is very flexible you can book the driver service in advance but you can also book it upon your arrival or even a few hours before you decided to travel to Jerusalem or the Dead Sea!
6. Hiring your driver in Israel can be for the whole day or just a few hours to stroll in the city, you can take your driver to the Dead Sea and also Tour Jerusalem, it’s up to you, if you need the service for a few days it’s also possible just remember to make All the arrangements with us before.
7.travelling to a new destination can make you feel uncomfortable, but using a driver who can speak your language is a tiebreaker, we can offer you the driver in Israel service in many languages, Spanish?English?Russian? no problem!
If you are searching for a private driver in Israel then you reached the right place, our company offers a private driver service in Israel, make your booking today!