As part of the Ministry of Tourism's trial program, Israel is now open to tourists from other countries who do not travel in groups beginning today, November 1st, 2021!

Along with the excitement of new hotels and flight routes to Israel, greater challenges in traveling in Israel are predicted, but this is fantastic news!


Since the breakout of the Corona plague 20 months ago, Israel has suffered from a dearth of tourists, but after many plans that did not materialize and hundreds of enterprises from the shuttered tourism industry may breathe a sigh of relief, as the first guests are anticipated to land in Israel today. And could not travel overseas, but with the conclusion of the holidays, hotel occupancy plummeted to nothing, and tourists are meant to give a living for thousands of Israeli enterprises.


Following the arrival of foreign tourists, some hotels that had been closed for a long time were recently reopened, primarily hotels in Jerusalem and Tiberias that relied heavily on the group and individual trips rather than Israeli customers, and the staff was trained in Israel.


The decision to allow tourists to enter the country has also pleased the aviation industry. The Lowcost Wise Air company decided yesterday to add three lines that were not operating while tourists were not permitted to enter Israel – lines to Milan, Rome, and London (Lawton). Meanwhile, many tourists claim that this is only a partial opening because most of the world vaccinated received the second dose more than a year ago and have not yet received the third dose, so they cannot enter the country without complete isolation... Tough, but the tourism industry predicts that all countries at the end of the glue will straighten a line and two vaccine or booster doses will be required to meet the new global standard.


"This is the first time I come to Israel as an adult," said Anna Lustman of New York, one of the first tourists to enter Israel today. I first visited Israel when I was five years old, and I am thrilled to be able to return. My children and I intend to spend time in Jerusalem, float in the Dead Sea, and explore Tel Aviv's nightlife! We hired a guide and spent everything we had to enjoy Israel as we had imagined!


Along with the festivities, tourists who attempted to enter their vaccine card in the Ministry of Health's incoming passengers from yesterday had difficulty approving the card. Although Israel and the EU have a vaccine mutual recognition agreement, it was not possible to upload the vaccine certificate to the website alongside the incoming passenger form.


We welcome the new outline and are very excited to provide the car with driver services that tourists love so much to discover our wonderful country for the first time in a very long time. We have an excellent team of drivers and new vehicles waiting for you to set off soon. And, American, this is the best news we've heard in a long time, and we can't wait to see you again!


The decision, as you are aware, was approved last week. Tourists who have been vaccinated with World Health Organization-approved vaccines, such as Pfizer, Moderna, Astraznica, and Chinese vaccines, will be allowed to enter the country if the second dose was received less than six months ago or the booster was received less than six months ago.



Foreign tourists have entered the country in large groups in recent months, even before the last wave of illness. The Ministry of Health was able to monitor their condition in this manner, and if one of them displayed symptoms, it was easier to track them down and locate their route.





1. The outline will be divided into several routes based on "types of tourists," which will be determined by countries that have a mutual agreement for vaccine recognition with Israel, the level and type of vaccines, and entry into a group or individual framework.


2. Tourists (groups and individuals) who have received the "booster" vaccine or who are less than half a year from the date of the last vaccine they received will be allowed to enter the first phase (scheduled for 1.11).


3. The countries from which tourists will be able to enter in the first phase are those that have a mutual recognition agreement with the State of Israel for a vaccinated certificate (approximately 40 countries in total). Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Faroe Islands, Marco, Panama, Portugal, Turkey, Iceland, Croatia, Ukraine, Vatican, Cyprus, Ireland, France, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Slovakia, Romania, Liechtenstein, and Andorra are among the countries represented.

The United States and Canada are also parties to the agreement.


4. Meaning of mutual recognition agreement - Tourists from the agreement's countries will scan their vaccination certificate into Israel's Ministry of Health system before arriving. The system will recognize the certificate, and a green card certificate will be issued and emailed to the tourist before the flight and upon arrival. A tourist will arrive in the country after having checked in both before and after the flight. Aside from the health declaration, the tourist is not required to apply to visit Israel.


5. In the second phase, scheduled for November 21, tourists (both groups and individuals) from all over the world will be allowed to enter Israel, subject to being vaccinated six months before arrival or being booster recipients, and provided they do not come from a red country and the vaccine is recognized by the World Health Organization. As well as the State of Israel. Pfizer, Moderna, Jensen, Extra-Zenika, the Institute of India, Sinopharm, and Sinwak are some of the most well-known vaccine manufacturers in Israel.


6. Tourists who have been vaccinated for more than six months will be allowed to enter only in groups organized by a recognized tourism organizer and approved by the Ministry of tourism.


7. Countries from which a visa is required for entry into Israel The outline, according to the plan, should only include tourists from African countries.


8. Tourists from Asian countries who require an entry visa to Israel are not included in the initial outline, and their entry will be considered later.


9. Quotas - At the entrance to Israel, a monthly quota of 30,000 tourists who have not been vaccinated with a "booster" or who have been vaccinated for more than six months will be set. The quota is only for these tourists, who, as previously stated, will arrive in organized groups.


10. The United States of America is a party to the above-mentioned agreement.


11. Land border crossings - Tourists will not be permitted to enter Israel via land border crossings. The State of Israel will permit departure, but this is subject to Jordanian and/or Egyptian entry procedures.


12. Recovering from a trip abroad - This topic is being discussed within the context of the overall plan. There has yet to be a decision made on this matter.





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